Covert Operatives

Every Year, this is THE event to be at... At Underground® 7, All sorts of offline and online 'celebrity' marketers were hidden incognito in their 'spy' attire. (Including people I personally know are verifiable, bonafide millionaires and multi-millionaires).

Attendees came from the far reaches of the globe, including the UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Romania, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Spain, and even Japan and Australia, and left incredibly excited about the information they learned... But don't take my word for it...

Listen to and read the confessions from other Agents about what they've gotten out of past Underground® Online Seminars:

"The long haul from Australia was absolutely worth it! The Seminar lived up to my expectations, far and beyond, and I have not laughed so hard, and had so much fun for absolutely ages! I knew from the moment your email arrived last year with the invitation to the Seminar, that my life was going to change as a result of attending it. I now have a great set of tools, a new knowledge base and a burning enthusiasm to be successful, so that I can come back and play next year! And who knows I may even have a good yarn to tell about my 'underground success' Down Under by then!

"Thank you for the incredible added value and the wonderful experience, not to mention the generosity of spirit of the presenters who gave of themselves after hours, to answer endless questions from the new kids on the block!"

— Patricia Reed, Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

"...The quality of speakers was 'awesome', to borrow your phrase, and my knowledge of this opportunity has soared to heights I did not know existed. It has been a life changing few days and I am so grateful to you, your team and the speakers for this mind-blowing experience...But most of all, I have found new confidence in the future. Developed a new sense of security as I now know how to move forward and realise that no-one can take this knowledge away. How do you value that feeling and belief? It makes the event worth more than the price anyone could charge."

— Chris Morton, Flintshire, UK

"Your event was power-packed with ideas and techniques for boosting business. I left with a structured plan filled with specific strategies for increasing sales, launching my new product, and increasing my practice off-line. And when sales are up in my business, there's more love and romance in the world. Thanks for assembling a unique team of speakers who were willing to share the inside secrets they used in creating their own success, to help others in achieving their dreams."

— Leslie Karsner, PhD,

"At last! An Internet success seminar for 'the rest of us' — for all those folks who aren't trying to make money online by selling info about how to make money online. We who have "other" products also need to know how to market them. If you're as sick as I am of seminars that are just endless product pitches, then this is the place you want to be. Real information, real people, really useful stuff. Only one problem: Way too much killer information to absorb in one sitting. Thank you so much Yanik for putting together the first truly useful Internet marketing seminar for all us ‘real people in the real world.’ (PS: Save me a seat at the next one, OK?)"

— Dr. Frank B Smoot, MA, DD, weight loss success coach,

“When I attended your seminar I did not know anything about Internet marketing and could not understand what people in the seminar was talking about. I was disappointed but the one thing which I took back was that money making opportunities in Internet exist big time . I had this site before but could not figure any products to sell online. After I attended your seminar and when you presented your stuff on selling high priced products I had a very strong feeling that i could do something similar in my site. After I came back I put all my thoughts together and came up with a list of 4-5 products which I can sell online. I have just put one of them online so far and the results are amazing. [Side Note: Product is for SAP software (nothing to do with online moneymaking or Internet marketing) and sells for $629.00.]

“Just to let you know that the best product in the similar category which is no 1 in Amazon sells only for 48 dollars and we have completely sidelined them using those simple techniques I learnt in your seminar.”

– A. Vishwanath (“Vish”), Mumbai, India

And here’s the update we got from Vish 1 ½ months later…

“Just to let you know I grossed 70k in the last 45 days. Now I am a bit tired and will take a rest for a while but I has been amazing 45 days for me grossing 70k in just 45 days. Your seminar was a real eye-opener. Truly amazing....

“Once again thanks Yanik, and if there is anything I can do for you let me know. I owe you a lot simply because your seminar gave me the option to exercise financial freedom.”

"I wanted to send you this the *minute* I got back from your Underground® Seminar, but I've been too busy implementing all the ideas and strategies I learned (and raking in boatloads of cash!) The reason savvy internet marketers really go to seminars is for the networking and the awesome business relationships that you can create by just meeting people face to face. Awesome! And I know I've got over a $500,000 worth of ideas in my notes from listening to your 'underground' speakers... I'll achieve my goal this year for the first time — Thanks Yanik! Looking forward to your next seminar."

— Brett Fogle, Blog Power Software,

"...I wanted to thank you. I have 14 pages of legal pad notes, all ideas that are going to be profitable for me..."

— Bill McIntosh,

"...To give you an idea of how your ideas at Underground® have helped me, here’s what I’ve been able to achieve... I have grown the software list from nothing to 4,500 in 3 years in a VERY tight niche market and have helped a client grow a list from 2,239 to over 20,000 using simple techniques I learned and copied from you!...The INCREASE in sales has got to be at least $1 million and I’m just getting started!

Yanik walks the walk, talks the talk and banks the bank. Trust me, every dollar you spend with Yanik will come back to you MANY, MANY times over! In the short time that I’ve been putting these things into practice, my own bottom line has increased by about $130K. Now I cannot only make a nice income, but I can generate true wealth. The leverage is astounding! Personally...I’m currently experiencing less stress, more peace of mind and more focus on the big picture."

— Mike Denison, South Jordan, UT

"In the twenty years that I have been attending seminars and 'motivational' events I have never had the experience to participate in an event that was as productive and demonstrated such a sincere intent on sharing absolutely practical and immediately useful information as I had the privilege of benefiting from at Yanik's event. The task of captivating the attention of more than 300 people who cried for more even after indulging in all that was offered in the four eleven hours days of the conference cannot be underestimated.

"My experience was exceptional. I traveled to this event with an expectation and a loosely assembled idea of why I was going. I left five days later with my expectations more than fulfilled and a direction as to what I must do next and how I will do that. I have committed to attending the Underground® Online Seminar in 2007."

— Dan Hager, Sooke, BC, Canada

"A lot of attendees were there seeking the "big idea" and there were definitely a fair few of those, some of which I plan to pursue in the future. But for me, I wanted to stay focused on my current online projects and was after little tips that would enable me to increase the success of these projects and take them as far as possible. And the tips and tricks were there in abundance!

"I came home with endless pages of little things I can do to skyrocket my current businesses. I have already implemented a few of these ideas and seen my email responses increase, my AdSense earnings increase, and my sales increase — not by millions, or even thousands, of dollars (hey, it's been 2 weeks) but by enough to know that the trip from the UK was most definitely worth it.

"Thanks Yanik for searching out these great "agents", and a huge thank you to the speakers themselves, who not only revealed valuable insider information about their businesses, but who were also happy to share with people one-to-one when they had left the stage and throughout the weekend.

Needless to say, I signed up for both the Underground UK and Underground® III in 2007 before I left."

— Lisa Hartwell — Voiceover, Broadcaster and Writer — Plymouth, UK

"I had a different concept before coming here that maybe they were wanting to keep things to themselves and hide their secrets but people have been so generous and really giving and sharing different ideas. A lot of their ideas have helped me too on ways that I know that I will be able to further my business. It’s been fantastic, really good."

— Vickie Meek, Central Point, OR

"When I signed up I was expecting to learn two or three good nuggets that I could take home and start working on right away. I even brought along my web marketing manager to see if he could come back with two or three other nuggets that we could start seeing results from immediately. It's been a few weeks since the seminar. We have implemented the first three nuggets (total of six) that each of us had, and are seeing tremendous results already. What's amazing is we still have four pages more of things we are going to implement. We will see an increase of 40% on our revenue this month based on the results thus far. That's substantial considering we are currently doing $250,000 per month in sales. I have already signed up for next year."

— David Gass, Business Credit Services, Inc.

“Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work and your huge under promise and over delivery style. Success is all about taking care of the details and you had them well covered. You provided so many unrequired surprises out of your own pocket, that you created many long-term customers. I have attended a fair number of Internet marketing seminars over the years and your event was clearly one of the best.

“Interestingly I went to The __[removed to protect the guilty]__ Seminar the week after yours as it was close to my home and I had already registered for it before yours…your event was an order of magnitude better, so much so that I left the ______ Seminar after the first half day and requested a full refund. Yes there were some good speakers there, but the attendees at the _____ Seminar seemed to be mostly at a grade school Internet marketing level, which was in stark contrast to your graduate school MBA level of many of your attendees.

“However, the newbies there also learned a lot as the material was easy to digest and enormously useful… Thanks again, I greatly appreciate your work, integrity and character and look forward to attending Underground® II. With everything I have learned directly or indirectly from your event I think you will need to have me be one of your secret presenters for Underground® III.” 

- Dr. J. Mercola, 
(World’s #1 most visited natural health website)

[Side note – Mr. Mercola was close in his comment. He is was one of the presenters for Underground® 4]

"I was a little skeptical when I ordered Yanik's Underground® Seminar DVD package mainly because I THOUGHT it cost too much money. Boy, was I wrong.  It didn't cost anything. Because I made $7500 in 30 hours on the Net using just one of the ideas from the seminar. (Not to mention the money I made from the other ideas.) The funny thing is...I invented nothing new here... I am by no means a big time Internet marketer.  You don't have to be to use what Yanik teaches. Just do what he says and you will make money.

"We are shutting down our launch at 1:00pm tomorrow and we have sold 48 courses at $249. We fully expect to sell that last, as of right now the launch generated $11,952 in one week. THANK YOU !!!! the way I also started a forced continuity program that has 381 members at $30 a month. [That’s $11,430.00/month in ongoing revenue and an extra $137,160.00 per year.]"
— Paul Reddick, New Providence, NJ

*Update From Paul 6 months later: "We are set to do about $420,000 this year from our continuity programs."

"...When I first heard about over a dozen people talking about selling to niches, I knew it was going to be awesome because I don’t sell to marketers and I don’t think too many people do. I just knew it was going to be awesome and it didn’t disappoint. 

Every one of the presenters gave a unique formula for making money online. If someone is here who is new to online marketing they could take any one of those strategies, they could pick the one that they like best and start using it right way.

They all laid it out step-by-step. For someone like me who already has a successful business, I can take one of these strategies and just plug it in and start making money. Jim Lillig gave a strategy that is probably going to give us between 100-200 free newsletter subscribers to our Web site every single day. It’s just phenomenal. Thank you so much."

— Craig Clemons, Santa Monica, CA

"I can only make a couple internet marketing events each year and Yanik's Underground® Seminar has been at the top of the list for the last two years. Unlike most marketing seminars, you won't find the same old "experts" re-hashing last year's strategies and then trying to convince you to spend your life savings for the "real secrets".

"The difference is the "underground" speakers at Yanik's are silently making a killing online and Yanik makes sure his seminar guests leave with the knowledge to do the same. The best part of the event (for me) is the incredible networking. Opportunities you get with the top marketers from around the world — and who are there as attendees! (that should give you a hint as to the quality of this event)"

— Mark Braunstein, Founding Partner —

"I primarily go to seminars for the networking, and your seminar was great in that respect. I'm already benefiting from several joint ventures as a result and just a few months later these JVs have made enough profit to pay for your seminar 5x over already.

However, the real pleasant surprise for me was the quality of the info delivered by the speakers. The information was every bit as powerful as you promised, and much of it was content I never heard before (and I've been to a lot of seminars). Thanks for such a great opportunity to learn and grow my business."

- Jeff Mulligan,

"…I’m a tourism marketing professional but I think what is really exciting about this is that I’ve been so busy consulting that I haven’t been pushing my own product. But I’m really clear I can absolutely convert it over now and make the most of my money by selling my information products to the world. I have 40 pages of notes filled up with big ideas.

I realized that probably the easiest thing, and I’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table, but I just asked myself the question what else do tourism professionals around the world need. I have tons of highly targeted traffic to my site, top ranking and just the affiliate thing. I can’t get around to creating a product, but I can find other affiliates who have other services and products. That’s huge! This is my first internet marketing thing and I’m just thrilled I was here. Thank you."

– Tim Warren,

"The Underground Seminar is the single best thing I have ever purchased to help my online business. The knowledge I gained was, in itself, worth far more than the cost of the seminar, but there is even more than that. Through the presenters in the seminar, I learned so much about what is going on in the vast world of internet business. There are so many different routes to internet success - and I became far more aware of key, behind-the-scenes people who are quietly but effectively making amazing incomes in this business - in their own ways and on their own terms…

The careful observer can see that Yanik Silver's hand is directly involved in every aspect of his seminars. He is fully aware of what each presenter has to offer, and he chooses each one with great care - to the untold benefit of his customers. I read recently that every millionaire ends up creating other millionaires in the process. This can certainly be said of Yanik Silver and his seminars…" 

- Mimi Tanner,

"Really, when I read the copy to this thing I thought there is no way that somebody like me, who has never been to an Internet seminar, should go to this seminar. I was totally wrong…But like everybody else I probably have more ideas than time…I really got some concrete strategies on how to implement those ideas. This has just been priceless. Thank you." 

– Gene Bryson,




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