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So Profitable It Should Be Illegal...

An ALL-NEW Group of 'Underground' Internet Insiders (Quietly Banking Over $200 MILLION Per Year) Agree to "Come Clean" and Reveal Their Biggest Secrets for Huge Profits Online

Only 69 58 37 8 Seats Remain...

Announcing The
Underground Online Seminar® 5 February 20-22, 2009
Undisclosed Location Ė Washington D.C.

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Underground Online Seminarģ I Ė SOLD OUT 5 Weeks Early
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Underground Online Seminarģ III - SOLD OUT 6 Weeks Early
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(As a comparison most seminars are still trying to fill seats
up until the very day of the event.)

Yes, Iíve heard so many great things about Undergroundģ -
please sign me up immediately!

Youíre invited to the most extraordinary and profitable private Internet marketing gathering ever arranged. This is definitely NOT the same ďusual suspectsĒ you see speaking elsewhere!

car-01.jpg 225x1691 Lucky Attendee Will Win the Ultimate 007 Driving Experience:

Youíll get a day driving Yanikís personal Aston Martin, touring the world-famous Spy Museum in DC and a Ĺ day consult with Yanik. Make no mistake, whoever wins this experience is going to be "shaken" and "stirred"!

Private encrypted message from:
Yanik Silver, Director/Y.S.S.

Dear Secret Agent,

Have you ever wondered IF there might just be a group of "'under-the-radar" people making mega bucks online who do NOT speak at the seminars?

Could there be some well-hidden achievers who have truly cracked the code to Internet wealth out there?

The answer is absolutely! But finding them is another story all together...

You see, these Internet "men and women of mystery" donít go around looking for publicity! They donít advertise their accomplishments because they donít need to nor want to. And they are quite content to remain in the shadows and make their money "in the dark", while keeping their mouths shut and their secrets very close to the vest.

At first glance, you would never imagine how successful they are and you probably couldnít pick them out of a crowd. (Truth is, Iíve found itís usually the quiet, unassuming people who you least expect are the ones actually making a ton of dough — not the ones shouting it from the roof tops.)

Now since Iím on the "inside" of the Internet marketing world — Iíve been privy to meet many of these true "Underground" online success stories. Usually itís late into the evening and after I swore to keep everything "off the record" these guys (and gals) reveal exactly how much money theyíre raking in from projects that have absolutely nothing to do with "how to make money online".

After hearing this "same story" over and over again I felt like I wanted to explode! I canít believe so many people have to struggle online while all these regular people are raking it in on the Internet — practically right under their nose.

But being true to my word Iíve never breathed a word about it — until now....

How This All Came About...

A few years ago my friend Dave and I were sitting in a hotel bar having a drink after a conference. Dave was telling me about a recent seminar he attended and how disappointed he was, "It was a total product dump! I donít know if I even got 10 minutes of content."

"Listen, I realize the speakers sell their product at the end of their presentation", he continued, "But Iím not going to be pitched for one hour straight. Itís ridiculous! And the crazy thing is nearly every one of the speakers has never sold anything else online except Ďhow to make money onlineí products. I mean come on!...quot;

Well, I had to agree with him. He was right.

Then Dave started up again, "You know what Iíd like to see?"

"What?" I replied leaning forward in my chair.

"I want to see real people who are making money online...just like I am. People actually doing it — not just talking about it. Dude, you got the connections. I think your customers would love this. You need to do this and Iíll even volunteer to be your first speaker."

Hmmm...that got me thinking.

Dave was doing well online. He was making six-figures inside his first tiny little niche and also starting to do well with golfers and other niches heís identified. He fit the part of definitely being an online success story that practically nobody had heard of.

I grabbed a pen and starting jotting down a bunch of names on the back of my Delta boarding stub I had in my pocket. In a half hour the "Underground® Online Marketing Seminar" was born.

That was the easy part...

Now the hard part was actually convincing and coaxing these Ďplayersí to share their true insider secrets. You see, money is NOT a motivator for them since almost all of them are financially set. But there had to be something else...

Why Would These "Top-Secret" Internet Success Stories
Agree To Finally Step Forward?

It finally struck me....

They could all learn from each other. Thatís it! Many of these underground successes have their own network of friends and colleagues in their own niche marketplaces but they donít necessarily have all the contacts I have. Why not bring them all together for 3 days?

I would coordinate and organize the whole thing, take them to top restaurants, put them up in a 4-star hotel all at my expense, etc — but the only "catch" for them is they had to agree to share their best secrets with a small, select audience. (Iím not joking when I say I really go all out for the speakers — last year I spent a significant 6-figures to make the event happen.)

Plus, this would give them an opportunity to create new joint venture partners among the group of attendees I brought in at the event.

Once I explained it all — many of them were even more excited about the whole thing than I was. Whatís more, they were really thrilled to be able to share and give something back for their success.

I was stunned but it made perfect sense.

To them, it didnít matter about increased competition. There was plenty of business for everyone. (Truth it, there is an 'abundance mentality' that Iíve seen with the most successful people I know. They arenít scared of sharing their knowledge because they know the more they give the more they get.)

Thatís exactly how the first Underground® Online Seminar was born. Now I really wasnít planning on doing more. Certainly not after the tremendous amount of work (and expense) that goes into these things. But a couple things changed my mind.

  1. Attendees were thrilled and raving about the event. Hereís just one comment like this:
"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work and your huge under promise and over delivery style. Success is all about taking care of the details and you had them well covered.† You provided so many unrequired surprises out of your own pocket, that you created many long-term customers. I have attended a fair number of Internet marketing seminars over the years and your event was clearly one of the best.

† "Interestingly I went to The __[removed to protect the guilty]__ Seminar the week after yours as it was close to my home and I had already registered for it before yoursÖyour event was an order of magnitude better, so much so that I left the ______ Seminar after the first half day and requested a full refund. Yes there were some good speakers there, but the attendees at the _____ Seminar seemed to be mostly at a grade school internet marketing level, which was in stark contrast to your graduate school MBA level of many of your attendees.† However, the newbies there also learned a lot as the material was easy to digest and enormously usefulÖ Thanks again, I greatly appreciate your work, integrity and character and look forward to attending Underground® II. With everything I have learned directly or indirectly from your event I think you will need to have me be one of your secret presenters for Underground® III."

Dr. J. Mercola, Mercola.com (Worldís #1 most visited natural health website)

[Side note — Mr. Mercola was close in his comment. He is now one of our presenters for Underground® 4]
  1. I had attendees from the first events coming out of the woodwork telling me their success stories and asking to be part of another 'Underground®'. Youíll be introduced to many of these attendees turned "rogue agents" shortly. Plus, many of the original presenters had so much fun that they wanted to introduce me to the other Internet insiders in their network. (Think "six degrees" of separation and you can see how I was able to scour and uncover some of these practically unreachable successes.)
  2. The incredible buzz in the Internet community from this event.
  3. There were some people Iíve met recently that for selfish reasons I want to learn from.

So thatís why Iíve arranged to hold an ALL-NEW group of secret Internet successes and millionaires hostage for 3 days for a complete "debriefing" for you at an undisclosed location in Washington D.C. The "Underground Online Marketing Seminar® 5" will be held on February 20-22, 2009 with a line-up that will never be repeated.

My Strict Selection Criteria...

The thing is, I am friends with pretty much every "Whoís Who" in every corner of the Internet. I had lots of choices and could get almost anybody for this event — but I had a very strict criteria:

  1. Find relatively unknown people actually making money online who arenít on every "seminar circuit" pedaling their wares. I didnít want theory or hype but tried and true verifiable and validated Internet success strategies.
  2. No one making the bulk of their income from the "Internet World" or selling "How to Make Money". (That means they canít be a "shovel seller".)
  3. They had to be able to teach their methods. (Some people are terrific doers but they cannot convey their knowledge into concepts others can use and understand.)
  4. Their methods had to work and be duplicatable today without being a "super marketer" or "super geek". (Plus, it couldnít be something that only worked 2, 3 or even 8 years ago when the Internet was just getting started.)
  5. And finally no B.S. They couldnít just blow smoke and have no substance.

This is a pretty tall order but just take a look at these confidential profiles for your eyes only...

Youíve Probably Never Heard of Most of These NEW Underground
"Rogue Agents" But Their Results Speak for Themselves:
Agents_RyanAllis.jpg 569x199
Rogue Underground Agent #1: Agent Goldeneye Profits AKA
Ryan Allis

Ryan Allis got his first computer when he was 9 years old. Just two years later he was a "computer consultant for hire" on the west coast of Florida earning 5 bucks an hour...

Fast forward about 6 years and Ryan achieves something most entrepreneurs 3 and 4 times his age only dream about: He took his company from $0 to $1 MILLION in sales. But hereís the thing. Ryan did it in one year. His first year.

big-idea.jpg 203x327And that was really just the beginning. Because Ryanís success took off in a big way from there. Iím talking tens of millions of dollars in annual sales...

Over the past six years, Ryan has built three companies to $2 million or more in annual sales — two as a marketing consultant and one as CEO.

Today, Ryan is the CEO of iContact. If you haven't heard of them, you haven't been paying attention. They're a big player in the email marketing business. They make email communication "point-and-click" simple for thousands of small businesses (and some big businesses) and over 40,000 users.

Ryan's built his company from NOTHING to 140 employees and annual sales of more than $20 MILLION. He was named by BusinessWeek as one of the "Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25" in 2005.

And at Underground® 5, Ryanís going to reveal exactly how he did it... and how you can do it too.

Usually when you hear that "you can do it too" phrase, itís just marketing hype from some overblown product or system that canít deliver.

But Ryan Allis is the real deal. And heís going to walk you through the steps you need to take your business to the next level. Here are just a few things heís going to reveal:

  • How to get on the fast track to your first million. Youíll discover Ryanís proven 10 step process to take a business from $0 to $1 Million in sales fast.
  • How to find, hire and KEEP superstars. Ryan will be the first to tell you that heís only partly responsible for the huge success of iContact. Itís really his team that makes things happen. And heís going to spill the beans about how he built such a top-notch team.
  • Ready to stop wasting your time and money pursuing "great ideas" that end up not working? You wonít believe how simple it is using the hush-hush "MAR" (Market-Advantages-Return) system that Ryan has developed to help him spot the winners before he even gets started.
  • Looking for investors, cash or maybe even venture capital? Itís available IF you know how to create a business plan and present it in a way that actually gets your potential investors excited just to be part of your opportunity. Ryanís done it and heíll explain what you need to know to do the same.
  • Unlike a lot of "one-man-band" internet entrepreneurs, Ryan has actually built a company. He can walk away anytime and still make money with the systems heís created. At Underground® 5, youíll discover his secrets for scaling YOUR business bigger than you probably think is possible (without driving yourself crazy!)
  • The BIGGEST (and most profitable) lessons learned building an online company from $0 to $20 million in sales (Ryan did it before most kids even move out of their parentsí house).
  • How to launch a company from scratch, with very little money. Remember, Ryan started with nothing and he was only 11. Heíll reveal what heís learned about bootstrapping your way to success.
  • Ryanís real motivation for all of the success heís creating. This guy is out to change the worldÖ and youíre going to discover his plan for doing it. (Side note: Nearly all the biggest success stories Iíve personally studied have a big "reason why" beyond just the money!)

I hate to say it — but he beat me to the millionaire mark by over a decade. But after learning how he created so much success so quickly... letís just say Iíll be there taking notes.

I predict your access at Underground® 5 would be worth it just to hear from this guy. But heís just the beginning...

Agents_CarrieWilkerson.jpg 569x199
Rogue Underground Agent #2: Agent Mommypenny AKA
Carrie Wilkerson

For most people, being in extreme debt, overweight by 110 pounds, and having 4 kids to take care of might be enough obstacles to keep business success well out of their reach.

But Carrie Wilkerson isnít most people. Because sheís discovered how to take those "obstacles" and live life and do business on her terms... anyway. Sheís overcome the debt, lost the weight and built 4 online and offline businesses to a combined 7-figures in record time. And by the way, she doesnít think itís an EITHER/OR situation between taking care of the kids and/or her business. In fact, sheís built her life and business around being a great mom.

But for some reason, she usually does all of this... without shoes on. Thatís why they call her, "The Barefoot Executive."

Carrie is a serious firecracker. Iíve gotten to know her as part of my exclusive MasterMind group and if youíve ever wanted to meet an eternal "glass-half-full" type of person... (with huge results to prove that way of thinking actually works), you will not want to miss Carrieís appearance at Underground® 5. Hereís a quick list of some of the things sheís going to reveal:

  • The secrets of SPEED! Carrie hit the six-figure in her first 10 months and doubled that within 2 more months! (and now the 7-figure mark) Remember — thatís all while working part time and raising 4 kids. (Many struggling entrepreneurs never even hit the six-figure mark, but Carrie did itÖ with part-time effort, while juggling 4 kids and 3 other businesses!) How did she do it? Carrie believes FAST is better than slow and painful and sheíll prove it to you.
  • How to stay focused when youíve got a huge list of things that need your attention.
  • Youíll discover one of the big secrets for Carrieís quick success. She calls it her, "Take Action Mindset." Sounds simple, doesnít it? Once you hear Carrie explain it, youíll realize exactly how sheís able to accomplish so much (and how you can do the very same thing!). Sheís probably one of the 3 best implementer Iíve met. Sheíll make your head spin with how much she gets done! (But instead of being overwhelmed with too much to do — sheíll explain how you can become a productivity dynamo too!)
  • How to go from IDEAS to INCOME... fast. Youíll get to pull back the curtain and discover Carrieís tools for getting this done (the right things) in record time.
  • A proven blueprint to become an "Overnight Authority By Design." In just 6 short months, Carrie went from "unknown" status to a nationally recognized expert and in demand speaker.
  • List building secrets that work FAST. Carrie started with a list of zero. 12 months later her double opt-in list topped 26,000... and she did it all without ONE CENT of paid traffic. (Today a few months later itís already 55,000+ and still growing like crazy!) If youíve ever tried to build a list from scratch, you already know just how amazing this is. At Underground® 5, youíll discover just how Carrie did it including her big-time secret of using Ďviral moviesí. Youíll love this!
  • The real secrets of using Twitter and other social media for meaningful conversations and connections with your list. A lot of people will tell you to use Social Media (you know Twitter, Facebook, etc) but they are only interested in broadcasting 1-way messages...that doesnít work! Carrie will talk about how sheís built up thousands of followers who really and truly connect to her...and why that makes all the difference in the world.
  • How the "Barefoot Executive" supercharged her business to go from six-figures to SEVEN figures in 2008.

Donít let Carrieís sweet smile and gentle words fool you. Carrie Wilkerson is a business powerhouse from top to bottom — but sheís still the tip of the iceberg...

Agents_GregPoulos.jpg 569x199
Rogue Underground Agent #3: Agent You Only Launch Twice AKA Greg Poulos

Greg Poulos has pretty much always had the "entrepreneurial bug" in him. As a kid, he sold tickets to a haunted house in his basement. Then he moved on to selling adventure game hints from tiny classified ads.

Fast forward a few years and Greg became what he calls a "highly paid slave" selling coffee mugs and t-shirts online during the "dot com" boom.

But back in 2001, he decided to go into business with his father, a 30+ year stock trader. For the next 3 years, Greg tried to use his Bachelorís Degree in Marketing to make it big. But it didnít happen... nothing but struggle.

In fact, Greg pretty much worked really hard to go around in circles until 2004... thatís the year he started learning from people who were actually making money as marketers.

By 2005, Gregís learning paid off and he hit six-figures for the first time. And then something amazing happened: Greg discovered product launches. And boy did they workÖ In fact, Gregís 1 week product launch in March of 2006 did more sales than his entire business did in all of 2005. More in a week than the entire year before!

And that was just the beginning. Because in the last few years, heís made major waves in his niche.

Now as a true "Underground Agent," Greg asked me to keep his company name anonymous (youíll have to be at Underground® 5 to hear it). Letís just say heís a major player in the stock trading education market.

Hereís a quick rundown of some of the things heís going to bring in his bag of tricks:

  • How Greg used RECURRING product launches to create over $10 MILLION in sales from those releases alone during the past 3 years. (Previously at Underground® we had Agent Six-in-Seven AKA Jeff Walker when he truly was Underground — but Greg is showing the power of the 'hands-off' recurring launch.)
  • How Greg discovered the power of the RE-LAUNCH to boost his profits with little or no effort on his part since all the sequences are done. Rinse. Repeat! Hereís a quick example: In 2006, Greg relaunched the same product a total of 4 times. Then he re-launched it one more time in early 2007. Same product, same JV partners, pretty much the same email list. The funny thing is, the 4th launch was even better than the 2ndÖ
  • The Underground strategies and techniques that helped Greg go from standing in the unemployment line to standing in the "millionaire line" in just 4 years.
  • Youíll discover how Greg uses "integrated media buying" during his product launches to expand his buying universe and bring in new leads outside his pool of affiliates. (This is a big deal because most marketers very quickly hit a ceiling of just recycling leads/prospects between themselves.)
  • "Proven Tips for the Care and Feeding of Happy and Healthy Affiliates": Discover why Greg focuses so much on how to market to affiliates. Youíll get his tips for taking care of your affiliates and actually making marketing (of your business) FUN for them. Itís a win/win and Greg will show you how he does it.
  • Despite Gregís huge success with product launches, as a business model, he thinks itís a really dumb way to go. Heíll explain why and walk you through his blueprint for combining product launches with rock solid business models to create HUGE results.
Agents_SusanSolovic.jpg 569x199
Rogue Underground Agent #4: Agent New Media Never Dies AKA Susan Wilson Solovic

Susan Wilson Solovic is hardly a stranger to success. And, unlike many 'underground' success stories, she didnít begin her entrepreneurial journey in a cramped one bedroom apartment (like yours truly)... Sheís been a dynamo pretty much from day 1.

Hereís just a shortlist from her official bio:

"...served on the National Women's Business Council which counsels the President, Congress and the SBA on issues impacting women business owners.† She was named one of the Most Influential Women in St. Louis (2004) by the St. Louis Business Journal and received the 2004 YWCA's Special Business Leader award for Entrepreneurial Success.† In 2006 she received the Distinguished Leader award from Southeast Missouri State University and in 2000 she was named a Distinguished Alumni from Columbia College.† Solovic previously served on the John F. Kennedy School of Government Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University.† On behalf of SBTV.com Solovic accepted the Stevie Award for the Most Innovative Company up to 100 employees.† The Stevie Awards are considered the Oscars of business."

But what Iím excited to bring Susan in is for her newest venture SBTV.com.

Susan is the CEO of SBTV.com — Small Business Television.

Think about the history of broadcast media. We originally started with the Big 3 (NBC, ABC, CBS). Then Fox got in the game. Then Cable splintered the market. Now itís a million websites. Whatís so exciting is YOU can create your own media and truly compete against all the big-boys in broadcast. But whatís even more exciting is when you create an online broadcast media for a specific niche in practically no-time and make multiple streams of revenue from it.

SBTV.com is the first and only video news and information destination site for Americaís small businesses. Sheís dealing with some serious traffic numbers. Just take a look at these stats:

susan-stats.jpg 445x219

Thatís 1.1 MILLION unique users in a month. And you know what makes these numbers even more impressive? These numbers are from 2005! Thatís just 1 year after SBTV.com was launched starting from scratch. She keeps testing and tweaking and improving her results to share with you the latest insights. Take a look at the average time a viewer stayed on her site in 2005Ö 17 minutes. Now thatís already ahead of most other portal sites — but guess how long visitors stay on SBTV.com these days? ...the AVERAGE visitor time is 30 minutes!

Susan is bringing a huge amount of value to small business owners out there. And sheís doing it in a way thatís never been done before. In fact, what Susan is doing at SBTV.com is so innovative, she actually won the 2008 AT&T Innovator Award.

At Underground® 5, sheís going to give you the straight scoop on how sheís turned SBTV.com into such a big success... almost overnight. Here are just a few of the things sheíll be talking about and how to cash-in on this opportunity:

  • The truly innovative marketing opportunities that SBTV.com offers to its advertisers. This goes way beyond the typical, "pay $X to put your ad here" type of setup. Weíre talking things like traveling studios/conference partnerships, small business awards programs, audience polls, customized productions and many more. At Underground® 5, youíll discover just how profitable innovation can really be.
  • How to make the "advertiser supported" revenue model work. Advertisers are after something very specific... and SBTV.com knows how to deliver it.
  • A crash course in how to develop strategic partnerships that are win-win. Thereís a good reason that Susan was named one of the most influential women in St. Louis (2004) by the St. Louis Business Journal...
  • What it takes to build a media company from $0 in sales up to $3 Million in less than 4 years. Youíll hear Susan explain how she built such a strong foundation so quickly.
  • How to position yourself as an expert... very quickly, Susan is a popular media guest on radio and television programs across the countryóprograms like ABC Money Matters, Fox News' Good Day New York and local radio and television programs across the country.

I could probably stop with our first four guests — but weíre still not even close to done with this amazing line-up. Next up...

Agents_MikeGeary.jpg 569x199
Rogue Underground Agent #5: — Agent Live and Let Die Well AKA Mike Geary

Four years ago, Mike Geary wouldnít have known a salesletter if it hit him right in the face. (Ask him yourself, he really had no idea what the word meant. And he knew nothing about marketing.)

Fast forward to 2008 and Mikeís sites (one of which is Truthaboutabs.com) is on track to do $4 MILLION in revenue... with zero employees.

Heís gone from working a full-time job and dabbling in marketing... to going full-time as a marketer, spending most winter days skiing in the Rockies. The rest of the year he works from wherever he feels like going.

And because heís a Maverick Business Adventures® member, Iíve persuaded him to come to Underground® 5 and reveal exactly how he did it.

Now Iíve gotta say, Iím big on living the internet lifestyle. Working when you want, where you want. Iíve been there, done that, am enjoying every minute of it. But Mikeís "speed of light" journey to success really got my attention and his incredible lifestyle.

To go from complete newbie to pulling in $4 Million (with one tiny eBook) is HUGE. To give you an idea about just how fast Mike did all this, hereís a snapshot of the past few years:

Year Whatís Mike Doing? Whatís Mike Making?
2004 Starts working online... $0
2005 Makes first sale... working
day/night to learn marketing.
$0 Profit
2006 Still working full time job,
but considering quitting.
Earns $15,000
marketing online.
2007 Quit job. Mikeís a free man. $650,000
2008 Skiing in the Rockies On track for $4 Million

Here are just a few of Mikeís "fast track" secrets heís bringing to Underground® 5:

  • The exact strategy Mike uses to get over 5 MILLION unique visitors (per month)... and that's just to one of his websites.
  • The Underground SEO Tactics Mike accidentally discovered to dominate Google® for dozens of high competition keywords. (If youíve ever done any research in the health and fitness niche, you know just how much competition there is.)
  • Youíll hear Mikeís strategies for dominating the Clickbank ratings as a publisheróand heíll reveal how he uses them to gain the attention of thousands and thousands of affiliates. (In case you are note aware of it — Clickbank.com is a huge marketplace of 150,000+ affiliates looking to sell your product if you know how to get it in front of them.)
  • If you think selling eBooks is a thing of the past, just wait till you hear Mike explain the system heís using to sell between 10 and 12 THOUSAND of his eBooks... per month.
  • Despite all of his success, Mikeís 100% dedicated to making sure his business never runs his life. During his presentation at Underground® 5, youíre going to hear how he runs his multimillion dollar business with ZERO employees. He has one virtual assistant... thatís it.
  • And if youíve heard that the "moneyís in the list," then youíll definitely want to hear Mike reveal how heís managed to build his fitness newsletter list to a whopping 360,000 subscribers.

And thereís still more to come...

Agents_TimSchmidt.jpg 569x199
Rogue Underground Agent #6: On Her Majestyís Concealed Service AKA Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt has been a member of my Millionaire MasterMind group for the last two years where Iíve watched his business boom. When he first applied to be part of the group, I wasnít sure heíd fit. His marketplace was people who carry concealed guns.

But once I heard what he was doing... and the size of the results he revealed...I was impressed.

When Tim started taking me through the inner workings of his million dollar business, it became pretty clear that it is one well-oiled machine... (would you expect any less from a former Engineer?)

But instead of just putting up a website and creating a bunch of products to sell, Tim Schmidt did something a lot more powerful (and as it turns out way more profitable).

He created an entire ASSOCIATION for his niche. And the results have been huge. (Side note: Iíve only ever heard one other person every talk about creating your own Association and quite frankly it didnít hold a candle to the way Tim covers it. This is one underground opportunity that you wonít hear anywhere else or in some rehashed eBook.

Fact is, Tim is probably one of the most methodically persistent guys Iíve ever met. Heís tried a lot of stuff that didnít work. And he just keeps getting up and stepping up to the plate.

If youíve never looked into just how profitable an Association can be, you will definitely want to be at Underground® 5 to hear Tim reveal some numbers. The day he started the U.S.C.C.A. (United States Concealed Carry Association) is the day his business took off.

Here are just a few of the things youíll hear him reveal:

  • His amazing flow-chart system†that makes it simple to find the perfect niche for your own association. (Heck, this flowchart practically does ALL the work.)
  • How to "Read Your Prospects Minds" when deciding upon membership or product pricing.
  • How to build a million dollar business without selling high priced products. All of the marketing experts will tell you that you need high priced products with huge margins to make any money online. But I think you can count the number of times Timís offered a product to his members that was over $75 on 2 fingers of your left hand. He just doesnít do it. Most of his stuff is between $17 and $47... Youíll hear how he keeps his prices low and still pulls in big bucks.
  • How to crank out high quality products fast. On average, Tim is launching at least one new product a month. And all of it is top notch—high quality. Heíll take you through the system he uses to do it.
  • How to use "personality marketing" to drive sales. Timís got a rock solid relationship with his list. And itís based on a few key principles he considers non-negotiable. Youíll discover what those are and how to use them to improve the results you get from your list. (Hmm... this must work because Tim retains his members for an average of 19 months. If you are doing any continuity in your business you have to hear this!)
  • Simple ways to "know your numbers." Now granted, Timís a former engineer, so heís into numbers. But to see the simple spreadsheets he uses to make his business and marketing decisions no-brainers... Some marketers I know could double or triple their results by doing this. And Timís got the process down pat. (It's kinda like a geek crystal ball.)
EXTRA BONUS Presentation: The profit pulling potential of magazine marketing.

I donít know anyone else who is doing this successfully and teaching it. Tim publishes Concealed Carry Magazine. Itís a 60-80 page magazine sent to all his members just about every 8 weeks (yes, itís a REAL, high quality, glossy magazine). Itís packed with high quality content and highly targeted direct response ads. There are so many benefits to a magazine itís crazy. Everything from the authority it gives you in the marketplace, access to joint ventures, ad revenue (your own or sold space), free content, prestige and more! Once again the place youíll hear this is right here at the Underground® 5.

Rogue Underground Agent #7: — Mr. X [Location Classified]

Many of my Underground® events have featured a "Mr. X"... Someone SO Underground that they simply refuse to allow their identity to be made public. And the same thing is going to happen for Underground® 5.

This year, weíve "Mr. X" is a huge player on the social media scene and the CPA networks. Weíre talking like $100,000.00 a day huge. Mr. X. plays in a very large sandbox... and heís gotten the blueprint for success so well documented... itís pretty much paint-by-number. Well, itís actually is "paint by the numbers."

Due to the classified nature of Mr. X, hereís a very short list of what heís bringing. Youíll have to be in your seat at Underground® 5 to get the full story. Sorry.

By claiming your seat, youíll get your chance to learn things like:

  • How to "run with the big boys" and not get killed. Mr. X. knows what heís doing in what is one of the most cut-throat worlds out there: CPA (cost per action) networks. In that world, itís all about the numbers. And if you donít know how to create the big numbers that get attention... itís pretty much game over. You donít get another chance.
  • Cutting edge tech tools that truly take the guessing out of the CPA game. If you think the world of CPA is confusing and intimidating... itís probably because you have no idea what kinds of tools these guys have guiding their decisions. Amazing stuff.
  • A step-by-step blueprint to select your offer, research the traffic, launch your campaign, test/track/tweak, and ramp up your results into the stratosphere. I told you Mr. X had it down to a "paint by the numbers" system...
  • How Mr. X creates a click-through-rate on his ads thatís about 100x better than the average. (You wonít believe what kind of profit that creates...)
  • Why "find a need and fill it" will get you killed. And what Mr. X. does instead to max out his profits.
  • BIG SECRET: How Mr. X has nearly 50% of the email addresses of users on Facebook (seriously). This is so hush-hush weíll have to turn off the cameras here. Itís not anything illegal or gray — heís simply created some amazing Facebook applications that users spread like wildfire. I canít reveal much more than this — but this one secret is probably going to be worth 10x your ticket price.
  • And a whole lot moreÖ In fact, due to Mr. Xís request to remain absolutely anonymous, he had strict limits on the amount of information I can let leak out... And this is it.
Last-Minute Update: Rogue Underground Agent #8
I just convinced another one of my MasterMind members to step forward, Matt S. This guy is super low-key and ultra secretive about what he does with domains. Heís developed an incredible system for truly profiting from ďvirtual real estateĒ. He has a sweet autopilot set-up where he automatically buys domains and then flips them for MAJOR profits. Or he actually develops high-trafficked domains heís gotten into automatic cash machines. This doesnít even cover a fraction of what Matt will be uncovering Ė but I think thatís all I can leak.

Now is this an incredible line-up or what? But as they say on late night TV infomercials... "Wait thereís more..."bd-smile.gif 15x15

For this event Iím super excited to be able to bring in a really high profile keynote speaker...

bob-parsons.gif 248x99
Keynote Speaker:
Bob Parsons, CEO Go Daddy

Bob is the founder and CEO of Go Daddy Group Inc., home to the #1 domain name registrar worldwide (3 times as large as the nearest competitorótheyíre registering or renewing one domain name every second.)

Go Daddy was named the fastest-growing privately held technology company (ranked # 8 overall) on the Inc. 500 List of Americaís Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in 2004. And theyíve won more awards than I even have room to list here.

Bobís built his success by following a single, extremely powerful core principle:

Provide low-priced, feature-rich products
combined with the highest levels of customer service...

For Go Daddy, this is not an empty slogan—itís the rock solid foundation of the entire company. And by the results Bobís created over the past 10 years... it really pays off.

The growth has been nothing short of amazing...

projections.gif 400x160

Here are just a few quick facts:

  • Go Daddy is #1domain name registrar with a sizable 45 percent market share of new active domain name registrations worldwide.
  • They have more than 3 million active hosting accounts and are the largest hosting provider in North America according to Netcraft.
  • Go Daddy is one of the largest paid email providers.
  • Go Daddy holds nearly 66 percent market share of new SSL certificates (October, 2008 Netcraft Report). Go Daddy is the 2nd largest SSL provider in the world.

At Underground® 5, Bobís going to reveal some of the biggest reasons for Go Daddyís "off the charts" growth including things like:

  • Bob is fanatical about customer service. Heís got to be, dealing with over 6 million customers. And that means absolutely none of his customer service operation is outsourced. Itís all done in house by his own call centers. Youíll hear just how much that single decision has contributed to the huge growth of Go Daddy.
  • How to take one success and leverage it into even bigger results. If you donít already know it, Go Daddy does a lot more than just register domain names. In fact, Bobís built out his product offerings to over 45 complimentary products he can offer his customers. Do you know what that can do to your profits?
  • How to keep a team of 2,000+ employees moving towards the BIG goal... and actually like what theyíre doing. Bobís got a huge team that makes Go Daddy what it is. And the amazing part is, they love what theyíre doing. In fact, The Go Daddy Group, Inc. was ranked one of "The Best Places to Work" in the metro Phoenix area by The Business Journal for the fifth consecutive year. And thatís based on surveys from the employees themselves!
  • Unlike many CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations, Bob "gets it" when it comes to direct marketing. (This really got my attention...) Thatís how he built his first tech company back in 1984 (the one he sold to Intuit for $64 Million in 1994). He was sending out about 6 million pieces of mailÖ per month. At Underground® 5, youíll discover what Bobís learned over his 20+ year

To say Iím pumped to have Bob Parsons at Underground® 5 would be an understatement (Iíve been trying really hard to get him onboard for 4 years!)

pic-Tony-Hsieh.jpg 220x248
(Back by Popular Demand!)
Keynote Speaker #2: Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.com

Tony Hsieh is the CEO and Director of Zappos.com — the number one footwear retailer on the web with over $800M in sales last year.

But Zappos.com isnít Tonyís first (or only) big success. A few years earlier, he started a business called LinkExchange. He calls it a "side business" that he started out of his apartment. Iíll take his word for itÖ but I donít know too many "side businesses" that get sold to Microsoft for a whopping $265 million. But Tonyís done it.

And ever since coming onboard at Zappos.com, heís doubled sales every year since 1999. Hereís a look back at exactly how it played out:

check.gif 15x151999 Sales: Almost nothing
check.gif 15x152000 Sales: $ 1.6 million
check.gif 15x152001 Sales: $ 8.6 million
check.gif 15x152002 Sales: $ 32 million
check.gif 15x152003 Sales: $ 70 million
check.gif 15x152004 Sales: $184 million
check.gif 15x152005 Sales: $370 million
check.gif 15x152006 Sales: $597 million
check.gif 15x152007 Sales: $800 million
check.gif 15x152008 Sales: Over $1 Billion Dollars!

Whatís Tonyís secret? Itís one word.


His goal is simple: Make his customersí lives as easy as possible. That means no-hassle returns (he guarantees his stuff for 365 days) and free shipping (back & forth) on everything...

Hereís one example of just how serious Tony is about treating his customers like Gold:

Every new Zappos.com employee hired in the corporate office has to go through 4 WEEKS of Customer Loyalty training... That means the new employee spends 20 full days answering phones in the call centeróbefore they ever actually begin the job they were hired to do.

For Tony, customer service isn't just a department — it is the entire company.

At Underground® 5, Tony will be sharing some of his most powerful secrets during his keynote for keeping his customers coming back again and again. The very same ones he uses to keep Zappos.com way ahead of the competition.

Here are just a few things heíll cover:

  • How Tony put his "fanatical" customer service ideas into practice and helped Zappos.com capture a full 20% of a 3 BILLION dollar market.
  • The strategies Tony uses to make sure that 65% of his business on any given day is from repeat customers.
  • Why Tony would rather not spend his money on marketingÖ and the one place he chooses to put his money instead. (This tip is really too powerful to ignore. Sadly, most businesses simply wonít do itÖ)
  • Why Tony thinks "cheap and efficient" is not a smart way to run a company. Heíll explain what heíd rather focus on to keep the revenue flowing (and growing).
  • How to maintain the culture and feel of a small company (where people actually LOVE to work) even when your growth is taking off like a rocket. Tonyís an expert at thisÖ and youíll hear his biggest tips for applying his ideas to your business.
  • How to achieve a 6-to-1 minimum return on your advertising buys and more.

Yes, Zappos.com is probably a little out of the league of our typical attendee — but thatís exactly why you want to pay close attention and apply some of these amazing growth strategies to your business.

Now in addition to all these presenters, youíve got the "Rogue Agents" from the last few years. Many of these guys and gals have told me they absolutely want back in to learn from the new presenters, network and hang out just like they did last year.

Plus, I wouldnít be surprised if a bunch of my Internet marketing buddies (who also happen to be world-class experts) will be in attendance to once again make this THE most exclusive learning, networking and Ďdeal makingí event. (I donít know who will show up this year but previous high-profile attendees were Dan Kennedy, Jonathan Mizel, Jim Edwards, Marlon Sanders, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Walker, Stephen Pierce, Bill Glazer, Perry Marshall, Rosalind Gardner, Joel Comm, Declan Dunn, Stephen Mahanney, Willie Crawford, Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Michel Fortin, Michael Holland, Bart Baggett, Phil Wiley, Kevin Wilke, Andrew Fox, and many others who came to learn & network — not to B.S. in the hallways.)

And Then Thereís Me...

Now in case you need a refresher on my story. With a 'silly' idea at 3 oíclock in the morning and after only a few short months I've achieved the ultimate Internet "fantasy" of making a lot of money from a simple web site that runs itself virtually on autopilot (and no, it didn't have anything to do with sleazy porn sites or selling "get rich quick" information).

My first web site, Instant Sales Letters, is responsible for bringing me a hefty six-figure income. (Not bad considering it takes me a couple hours a week to look after and I run the whole thing out of the corner of my basement.) And thatís just one of my dozen+ automatic oil wells.

Now Iím also going to be presenting brand new information Iíve never shared before in public. Previously, I covered for the first-time how to sell ultra-high priced and high ticket information products and services, Mindmapping, leveraging successful products — and the audience was stunned...

In fact, hereís just one success story of a fresh beginner who came all the way from India who applied what I shared at the Underground to earn $70,000.00+ in 45 days starting from scratch...

"When I attended your seminar I did not know anything about Internet marketing and could not understand what people in the seminar was talking about. I was disappointed but the one thing which I took back was that money making opportunities in Internet exist big time . I had this site before but could not figure†any products to sell online. After I attended your seminar and when you presented your stuff on selling high priced products I had†a very strong feeling that i could do something similar in my site. After I came back I put all my thoughts together and came up with a list of 4-5 products which I can sell online. I have just put one of them online so far and the results are amazing. [Side Note: Product is for SAP software (nothing to do with online moneymaking or Internet marketing) and sells for $629.00.]

"Just to let you know that the best product in the similar category which is no 1 in Amazon sells only for 48 dollars and we have completely sidelined them using those simple techniques I learnt in your seminar."
— A. Vishwanath ("Vish"), Mumbai, India

And hereís the update we got from Vish 1 Ĺ months later...

"Just to let you know I grossed 70k in the last 45 days. Now I am a bit tired and will take a rest for a while but I has been amazing 45 days for me grossing 70k in just 45 days. Your seminar was a real eye-opener. Truly amazing....

"Once again thanks Yanik, and if there is anything I can do for you let me know. I owe you a lot simply because your seminar gave me the option to exercise financial freedom."

For Underground® 5, Iíll be letting you peek inside the world of the Maverick Entrepreneur. Thatís where more money, more fun and more giving back all come together for a truly amazing ride through life. Iíll also be focusing on cutting edge stuff for getting unlimited testimonials (trust me, itís a beautiful thing) and proven strategies for using celebrities to boost your profits.

And much more I cannot even hint at because itís top-secret until the event.

The Underground® is Truly Different...

Frankly, it was a gargantuan task to locate, uncover, convince and coax an *ALL-NEW* group "under the radar" Internet marketers to come forward and pull back the curtain for the Underground Online Marketing Seminar® 5. Thatís why I have a strong hunch this will sell-out quickly (AGAIN!).

Now in case youíre thinking this is another thinly veiled "product-dump" seminar — youíre barking up the wrong tree!

It would be impossible!

You see, each of the presenters arenít selling 'how to make money' information. Thereís no possible way this could turn into a "pitch fest" because frankly, many of them donít have products to pitch nor do they have an ulterior motive. Youíre going to get pure gold without any of the fluff or filler. Fair disclosure: some of the presenters, at my urging and coaxing, are in the process of creating resources and tools because of their unique approach and since there is nothing else out there like it. Translation: yes, there will be some value-added resources which I fully support. In fact, I'm a firm believer in continuing education and I personally spend over $50,000.00 on my own education. (But trust me, the information presented is anything but a "teaser" for a more expensive program so you can even leave your wallet at home if you like.)

Because you'll walk away with...

Straight From the Trenches No Fluff Info

Now on the other hand, don't expect a carefully scripted or polished speech. Look, they're simply going to give you the straight, unvarnished truth without a 'dog and pony' show.

In fact, several of the presenters have already warned me that they will need to turn off the cameras and the microphones so they can reveal 'off-the-record' information that donít want to be recorded. Yes that does mean I will be taping this event but am not sure if or when Iíll be releasing tapes. Plus, if you plan on waiting for the tapes — realize I may make parts of the heavily edited and censored tapes available later on (or possibly not at all) but only in extremely limited quantities. That means the only way to get full disclosure is to get here in person!

bd-image1.jpg 539x303

Underground® IV — Sold Out!

All sorts of offline and online 'celebrity' marketers were hidden incognito in their 'spy' attire. (Several I personally know are verifiable, bona fide millionaires and multi-millionaires.) Attendees came from the far reaches of the globe including the UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Romania, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Spain, and even Japan and Australia.

Here's what else. I'm taking another extraordinary step to make sure our guest presenters really lay their cards on the table with the...

$10.000.00 'Top Underground Marketer' Award

Just to provide even more incentive for each speaker to give you their absolute best and most useable information — I decided to really go out on a limb! The audience was able to vote for the speaker who gave the most directly impactful information they could take straight to the bank. The winner was awarded 'Top Underground Marketer of the year' and got a nice trophy. Plus I put up a $10,000.00 check to go to their favorite charity. (THEY sure donít need the money!)

Now I can tell you one thing for sure — most of these guys and gals are super competitive. That means, they all tried to outdo one another vying for "the crown."

The first year, this top prize of a $10,000.00 charity check went to Jeff Johnson, agent "Search Engine Voodoo" for what he shared on Blogs, RSS feed and Search Engine Optimization.

† At Underground® II — Tim Carter agent "Conent is King Kaching!" stole the show and was awarded the title. He gave the audience loads of new information on earning money with AdSense and his "long tail" content theory.

At Underground® III — Jermaine Griggs "Community Commando" won the title hands down. His techniques for building community and automating everything were simply too strong...even though he was the final speaker to go.

yanik-check.jpg 540x360
Hereís Jermaine Griggs being presented the $10,000 charity check by Peter Graves (from Mission Impossible) and the director of the Y.S.S.

At Underground® IV — ...unfortunately for you, the Winner at Underground® IV just happened to be Mr. X #1 and Mr. X #2. They absolutely BLEW everyone away. But the only way they would show up was if the cameras were off for their entire presentation. Their secrets are safe with the folks who got a seat for Undergroundģ IV.

Who knows whoíll step up to claim the title for Underground® 5?
But youíve got to BE there to see it...

Okay, now let me share a few comments from people who experienced previous Underground events, so that you can see if this is really for you...

Listen to Attendees Raving About The
Underground Online Marketing Seminar®:
"I wanted to send you this the *minute* I got back from your Underground® Seminar, but I've been too busy implementing all the ideas and strategies I learned (and raking in boatloads of cash!) The reason savvy internet marketers really go to seminars is for the networking and the awesome business relationships that you can create by just meeting people face to face. I personally brought in over $200k (in just under two weeks) from only two joint ventures that I made at your seminar for my new software product. Awesome! And I know I've got over a $500,000 worth of ideas in my notes from listening to your 'underground' speakers... I'll achieve my goal this year of over $1 million in combined online sales this year for the first time — Thanks Yanik! Looking forward to your next seminar."
— Brett Fogle, Blog Power Software, blog-power.com

"The Underground event was hands-down THE best event I have ever invested in.† The information was so fresh and valuable I know it will grow my business at least 5 times over the next year.† My goal is to be averaging $50,000 a month with my little niche market energy healing products and membership site and live events by next years event.† My intention is to be successful enough to be invited to present as one of the dynamic female marketers making it big in a Niche.† Thanks for bringing such fun and intelligent people together, I was honored to be numbered amongst some them."
— Carol Tuttle, Best-Selling Author — "Remembering Wholeness"

"There are some people that I met here, some were presenters and some were in the audience, some I had heard about and some I had never heard of. We put together deals that I think are going to be worth at least a quarter of a million dollars...If there is someone on the fence who is trying to decide about coming here the simplest thing I can say is if you are committed to making money online, and if you are committed to finding a business model that works for you, and that actually is real critical...You have to be here because the presenters are going to be giving you tremendously valuable information, the other people that you meet with be giving you valuable information now and in the future as those relationships continue. I canít think of a reason not to be here."
— Steven Sashen, creator "Scriptware", worldís best-selling screen writing software

"...Knowing what we learned [here] is going to propel us at least in the next 45 days $25,000 and it should take us up to ten-fold in the next year if we apply some of the other principles as wellÖI took the course last year, took the DVDs and CDs and learned a lot, but what you have the opportunity to do once you come here, that everyone else has talked about, is to see the people who are up here live and be able to see them in the hallway. They sit down and talk to you and try to show you what you can do, how you can tweak things. This seminar is fantastic and I would buyÖright now, for the next five years so I would make sure I have a seat in the front row."
— Jack Corn, ThinkInk.com

"...I think Yanikís seminar is worth easily $75,000 to $100,000 over the next 12 months for me. You could go home Monday and start applying a couple of these things and really start making money and seeing results right away. Also, Yanik just happens to over deliver on everything that he does."
— Phil Cadorette, Huntington, NY

"...The quality of speakers was 'awesome', to borrow your phrase, and my knowledge of this opportunity has soared to heights I did not know existed. It has been a life changing few days and I am so grateful to you, your team and the speakers for this mind-blowing experience...But most of all, I have found new confidence in the future. Developed a new sense of security as I now know how to move forward and realise that no-one can take this knowledge away. How do you value that feeling and belief? It makes the event worth more than the price anyone could charge."
— Chris Morton, Flintshire, UK

"Kudos for a fantastic seminar!...I already know Iím going to make back 10xís that amount [spent]. Actually Iíll be disappointed if I "only" earn $150,000. I expect to make much more. And if I donít, it will be my fault, not yours. I came away with 3 pages of BIG IDEAS. Even if you sent me home on 2 pm on Day 1, I would have still felt like I got many times my moneyís worth."
— Paul Partridge, Westfield, NJ

In fact, hereís the actual handwritten note Paul sent following the event —

note.jpg 400x504

"Your event was power packed with ideas and techniques for boosting business.† I left with a structured plan filled with specific strategies for increasing sales, launching my new product, and increasing my practice off-line.† And when sales are up in my business, there's more love and romance in the world.† Thanks for assembling a unique team of speakers who were willing to share the inside secrets they used in creating their own success, to help others in achieving their dreams."
— Leslie Karsner, PhD, GoRomance.com

"Yanik, once again you over-delivered! I heard more strategies, tips, and ideas worth jumping on than ever before. It was really authentic, high quality info. I should know — I'm an Internet marketing consultant. In just one call today, I outlined a way for my client to pick up an extra $5,000 minimum this month, based on what I heard at your seminar (and, that's a minimum.)"
— Barbara Keddy, President, Be Great! Marketing,†BeGreatMarketing.com

"At last! An Internet success seminar for 'the rest of us' — for all those folks who aren't trying to make money online by selling info about how to make money online. We who have "other" products also need to know how to market them. If you're as sick as I am of seminars that are just endless product pitches, then this is the place you want to be. Real information, real people, really useful stuff. Only one problem: Way too much killer information to absorb in one sitting. Thank you so much Yanik for putting together the first truly useful Internet marketing seminar for all us Ďreal people in the real world.í (PS: Save me a seat at the next one, OK?)"
— Dr. Frank B Smoot, MA, DD, weight loss success coach, WeightLossGodsWay.com

"...Iím a tourism marketing professional but I think what is really exciting about this is that Iíve been so busy consulting that I havenít been pushing my own product. But Iím really clear I can absolutely convert it over now and make the most of my money by selling my information products to the world. I have 40 pages of notes filled up with big ideas. I realized that probably the easiest thing, and Iíve been leaving a lot of money on the table, but I just asked myself the question what else do tourism professionals around the world need. I have tons of highly targeted traffic to my site, top ranking and just the affiliate thing. I canít get around to creating a product, but I can find other affiliates who have other services and products. Thatís huge! This is my first internet marketing thing and Iím just thrilled I was here. Thank you."
— Tim Warren, AdventureBizSuccess.com

"Really, when I read the copy to this thing I thought there is no way that somebody like me, who has never been to an Internet seminar, should go to this seminar. I was totally wrong...But like everybody else I probably have more ideas than time...I really got some concrete strategies on how to implement those ideas. This has just been priceless. Thank you."
— Gene Bryson, FreeLegalEbook.com

"I was a little skeptical when I ordered Yanik's Underground® Seminar DVD package mainly because I THOUGHT it cost too much money. Boy, was I wrong.† It didn't cost anything. Because I made $7500 in 30 hours on the Net using just one of the ideas from the seminar. (Not to mention the money I made from the other ideas.) The funny thing is...I invented nothing new here... I am by no means a big time Internet marketer.† You don't have to be to use what Yanik teaches. Just do what he says and you will make money.

"We are shutting down our launch at 1:00pm tomorrow and we have sold 48 courses at $249. We fully expect to sell that last 2...so, as of right now the launch generated $11,952 in one week. THANK YOU !!!!...by the way I also started a forced continuity program that has 381 members at $30 a month. [Thatís $11,430.00/month in ongoing revenue and an extra $137,160.00 per year.]"
— Paul Reddick, New Providence, NJ

Update From Paul 6 months later: "We are set to do about $420,000 this year from our continuity programs."

"Dave and I just got back from a weekend retreat where its sole purpose was to study the Underground videos.† We rented a hotel room so that we would have no family distractions (five young children) and immersed ourselves in the videos and audios.† Best investment we've made in years.† Six ideas, in particular, that we got from the speakers fit into our business model perfectly and will allow us to reach our $1M goal in 2006.† Your package provided us a clear focus of what we need to do to get there.† Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks so much for putting the seminar together."
— Dave and Heidi Perry, HomeBusinessOnline.com

"...When I first heard about over a dozen people talking about selling to niches, I knew it was going to be awesome because I donít sell to marketers and I donít think too many people do. I just knew it was going to be awesome and it didnít disappoint. Every one of the presenters gave a unique formula for making money online. If someone is here who is new to online marketing they could take any one of those strategies, they could pick the one that they like best and start using it right way. They all laid it out step-by-step. For someone like me who already has a successful business, I can take one of these strategies and just plug it in and start making money. Jim Lillig gave a strategy that is probably going to give us between 100-200 free newsletter subscribers to our Web site every single day. Itís just phenomenal. Thank you so much."
— Craig Clemons, Santa Monica, CA

"I was really bummed when your Underground® Online Marketing Seminar was the same weekend as my brother's wedding. Needless to say, I had to go to the wedding (because I was in the wedding party).† As soon as I knew you were having the seminar, the first thing I did was email and ask "When are the recordings coming out?" I ordered the DVDs, and I have been listening to the CDs in my car going back and forth around town and to work.† I've got to tell you — I've been totally blown away by the amount of information I've received so far...I'm just brimming with ideas.† And, for once, a lot of these ideas are going to be useful in my existing businesses and not just ideas for new ventures."
— Chuck Smith, QuiltingBusiness.com

"...I wanted to thank you. I have 14 pages of legal pad notes, all ideas that are going to be profitable for me..."
Bill McIntosh, Employment911.com

"All I can say is "WOW, what an amazing experience..." Your conference is one of the first I've been too and I was a bit hesitant when I signed up. Well, I'm glad I did because in less than 2 weeks after getting back from it, I tripled my investment solely thanks to your Underground® seminar (about $7,000 in profits)!

† "Not to mention all the amazing ideas I have now. I'm tweaking all of my websites and conversions are already rising (by a lot!). Additionally, all the amazing information that Jeff Johnson provided has already started bringing me more traffic!...Needless to say, I'm coming to the next one ;) "
— Anik Singal, AffiliateClassroom.com

"I can only make a couple internet marketing events each year and Yanik's Underground® Seminar has been at the top of the list for the last two years. Unlike most marketing seminars, you won't find the same old "experts" re-hashing last year's strategies and then trying to convince you to spend your life savings for the "real secrets".

"The difference is the "underground" speakers at Yanik's are silently making a killing online and Yanik makes sure his seminar guests leave with the knowledge to do the same. The best part of the event (for me) is the incredible networking. Opportunities you get with the top marketers from around the world — and who are there as attendees! (that should give you a hint as to the quality of this event)"
— Mark Braunstein, Founding Partner — ContentDesk.com

"...To give you an idea of how your ideas at Underground® 1 have helped me, hereís what Iíve been able to achieve... I have sold out 300 pre-launch spots to the $199/month subscription service using only email....I have grown the software list from nothing to 4,500 in 3 years in a VERY tight niche market and have helped a client grow a list from 2,239 to over 20,000 using simple techniques I learned and copied from you!...The INCREASE in sales has got to be at least $1 million and Iím just getting started! Yanik walks the walk, talks the talk and banks the bank. Trust me, every dollar you spend with Yanik will come back to you MANY, MANY times over! In the short time that Iíve been putting these things into practice, my own bottom line has increased by about $130K. Now I cannot only make a nice income, but I can generate true wealth. The leverage is astounding! Personally...Iím currently experiencing less stress, more peace of mind and more focus on the big picture.&quor;
— Mike Denison, South Jordan, UT

"The only reason I went to Yanikís seminar was to meet some people in person who I was already doing business with online.† I had purposely never been to an "internet seminar" because every seminar I have been to in any profession has inevitably been a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME; I expected the content of this to be the same.† I turned out to be totally wrong.† The first speaker, (Airín Monahan) all the way to Mr. X — provided information that was useful and not available in any book that I know of.† I applied one thing the first week after the seminar that brought in double what I paid for the seminar in one day...In addition, I ended up forming better relationships with people I already knew, and met at least 10 people I did not know who I will be working with in the future."
— Michael Lovitch, Founder, The Hypnosis†Network

"The long haul from Australia was absolutely worth it! The Seminar lived up to my expectations, far and beyond, and I have not laughed so hard, and had so much fun for absolutely ages! I knew from the moment your email arrived last year with the invitation to the Seminar, that my life was going to change as a result of attending it. I now have a great set of tools, a new knowledge base and a burning enthusiasm to be successful, so that I can come back and play next year! And who knows I may even have a good yarn to tell about my 'underground success' Down Under by then!

† "Thank you for the incredible added value and the wonderful experience, not to mention the generosity of spirit of the presenters who gave of themselves after hours, to answer endless questions from the new kids on the block!"
†— Patricia Reed, Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

"In the twenty years that I have been attending seminars and 'motivational' events I have never had the experience to participate in an event that was as productive and†demonstrated such†a sincere intent on sharing absolutely practical and immediately†useful†information as I had the privilege of benefiting from at Yanik's event.† The task of captivating the attention of more than 300 people who†cried for more even†after indulging in all that was offered†in the†four eleven hours days of the conference cannot be underestimated.

† † "My experience was exceptional. I traveled to this event with an expectation and a loosely assembled idea of why I was going. I left five days later with my expectations more than†fulfilled and a direction as to what I must do next and how I will do that. I have committed to attending the Underground® Online Seminar in 2007."
— Dan Hager, Sooke, BC, Canada

"A lot of attendees were there seeking the "big idea" and there were definitely a fair few of those, some of which I plan to pursue in the future. But for me, I wanted to stay focused on my current online projects and was after little tips that would enable me to increase the success of these projects and take them as far as possible. And the tips and tricks were there in abundance!

"I came home with endless pages of little things I can do to skyrocket my current businesses. I have already implemented a few of these ideas and seen my email responses increase, my AdSense earnings increase, and my sales increase — not by millions, or even thousands, of dollars (hey, it's been 2 weeks) but by enough to know that the trip from the UK was most definitely worth it.

† "Thanks Yanik for searching out these great "agents", and a huge thank you to the speakers themselves, who not only revealed valuable insider information about their businesses, but who were also happy to share with people one-to-one when they had left the stage and throughout the weekend.

Needless to say, I signed up for both the Underground UK and Underground® III in 2007 before I left."
†— Lisa Hartwell —†Voiceover, Broadcaster and Writer — Plymouth, UK

"The thing I found really exciting was that the speakers all gave really specific, concrete steps so I donít have to go home and really think about it. They even shared ...things like that that nobody shares. This is fantastic. I donít have to go and figure out how to do it. If I was someone who was wondering if I should go to this I would say to definitely go. I came from another country; I left my daughter with my mom to have her babysat, so you have to make some sacrifices. But if you want to get those results so you can have the internet marketing lifestyle you make those sacrifices and then apply what you learn and you will be doing it, too."
— Stacey Hylen, Australia

"I had a different concept before coming here that maybe they were wanting to keep things to themselves and hide their secrets but people have been so generous and really giving and sharing different ideas. A lot of their ideas have helped me too on ways that I know that I will be able to further my business. Itís been fantastic, really good."
— Vickie Meek, Central Point, OR

"...If I had to hang my hat on one idea that I was going to implement immediately, itís how to improve traffic to the web site. That idea over the next twelve months will be probably worth in the neighborhood [of] $500,000 to $1,000,000 in additional revenue to our business. I look at everything on an ROI basis, return on investment. There are not many places that you can go that you can get $500 or $1,000 or $10,000 ROI on your investment. This is one place that you can."
— Ron Romano, President Automated Marketing Systems

"I got so many big ideas from this conference... I think it will initially double and triple my sales and who knows how it will grow from there...If someone was unsure about coming to this event because they were a little skeptical I would probably tell them that I know how they feel because I felt that way, too. I actually wasnít really sure what I would come away with from this event. I thought it would be great and there would be some good marketing information and there might be some good tips that I might be able to incorporate but I wasnít really sure that I would have one of those "A-HA" ideas that Yanik Silver talks about, but I was blown away!

There were so many ideas that I canít even go into detail here because I donít think I have enough time...So if you are skeptical about coming here I would say just take the chance and you wonít be disappointed.
— Bethany Smith, Waco, TX

The big take-away idea that I got from this conference is how to repackage the materials that I have now into a product thatís more saleable than what I have now. This idea is going to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of, realistically $300,000 to $500,000...
— Steve Roy

"When I signed up I was expecting to learn two or three good nuggets that I could take home and start working on right away.† I even brought along my web marketing manager to see if he could come back with two or three other nuggets that we could start seeing results from immediately.† It's been a few weeks since the seminar.† We have implemented the first three nuggets (total of six) that each of us had, and are seeing tremendous results already.† What's amazing is we still have four pages more of things we are going to implement.† We will see an increase of 40% on our revenue this month based on the results thus far.† That's substantial considering we are currently doing $250,000 per month in sales.† I have already signed up for next year."
— David Gass, Business Credit Services, Inc.

Click here to see even more video testimonials live from the event!

And hereís what Super Affiliate marketer, Rosalind Gardner had to say about her experience at the Underground® in her newsletter...

"...OK, my priorities are a little out of whack this week — justifiable after 3 mind-blowing days at Yanik's 'Underground® Seminar'. That was the best internet marketing seminar I've ever attended. The next time Yanik holds an internet marketing seminar — don't ask questions, seize the opportunity and go. He and his lovely wife Missy are a total class act, over-delivering to make sure everyone — attendees and speakers — were happy, comfortable and completely satisfied. I was blown away by not only each of the speakers' depth of knowledge and the secrets they shared, but by the top-level marketers who showed up to hear the speakers and network with each other." — Rosalind Gardner

But this year not only am I stepping up the number of speakers and presenters but Iím also pulling out all the stops to make sure that Underground® 5 is an unforgettable experience for you all around — thatís why you can get a chance to meet a celebrity from the world of 007, James Bond...


Come meet the actor who played the most famous spy agent 007 from MI6, James Bond. In the past weíve brought in Verne Troyer (AKA "Mini Me") from the Austin Powers movies, Carlos Bernard (AKA Tony Almeida) from 24 and Peter Graves from the hit TV show "Mission Impossible")

laz_london.png 200x203

This year we are bringing in George Lazenby, who played 007, in the Bond file "On Her Majestyís Secret Service". This film was one of the highest grossing in 1969 when it appeared.

When you sign up immediately youíll get the chance
to have a one-on-one photo with you and George Lazenby
AKA "Bond...James Bond"

Only the early sign-ups are guaranteed a private one-on-one photo. This is just one more reason to make sure you get in before the final seats are gone!bd-smile.gif 15x15

And donít forget about the special Grand Prize 1 lucky attendee will win...

car-01.jpg 225x1691 Lucky Attendee Will Win the Ultimate 007 Driving Experience:

Youíll get a day driving Yanikís personal Aston Martin, touring the world-famous Spy museum and a Ĺ day consult with Yanik.

Value: $10,000.00+

In fact, the vehicle is nearly its own character in each Bond movie. If youíre the winner youíll get to drive my personal Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Thatís right, Iíll flip you the keys and weíll jump into this hand-built sport car together. Press the crystal ignition button and youíll be rewarded with the roaring engine springing to life. (Iíve had a custom-exhaust added so the sound is even better.)

The V8 Vantage has been called one of the world's most beautiful cars: elegant, yet with a controlled aggression; perfectly proportioned, with a low, purposeful stance; modern, yet incorporating classic Aston Martin design cues. Quite literally people will be staring at you as you drive on our mission including the Spy Museum in D.C.

See the official rules here

Now before we wrap this up I have to mention...

This Particular Event is Positively NOT for Everybody

It is FOR YOU if are already doing something online in one way or another. If thatís the case, then I can promise you the new information revealed here will be responsible for at least an extra six-figure revenue stream or addition to your business. Itís an absolute no-brainer and shoe-in! (Unless you course, you have a 'know-it-all', 'seen-it-all' attitude. Or you like to whine and complain to get negative attention. In that case — do NOT show up.)

Now it is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from multiple sources who have all "done it". If you recall there were several raw beginners who showed up and made significant progress (and revenues) by being here.

At my last four sold-out Underground® events, all sorts of offline and online 'celebrity' marketers. (Several I personally know are verifiable, bona fide millionaires and multi-millionaires.) All of them attended on their own dime for one simple reasonÖto hear what these "Real World" Underground successes are doing online. Plus, this unique eventís premise was so exciting that even Dan Kennedy showed up as an attendee (not a speaker).

Plus, attendees came from the far reaches of the globe. They came in from the UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Romania and even Japan and Australia. Actually Affiliate marketing and Mini-Site expert, Phil Wiley, from Australia, said this in his newsletter: "...This is first seminar exciting enough to lure me to America in the past 4 years." (And he came back for the next Underground® as well.)

What Kind of Hefty Price Tag Should This Go For?

I thought about this for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price for 3 days with true Internet millionaires and other 6-figure online earners? Collectively and conservatively, the group I've assembled brings in over $200,000,000.00 per year.

If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge — what would that be worth to you?

Actually the lowest number my colleagues, who attended previously, suggested I charge was $10,000. And yes I could charge and get this amount — but then it would limit this information to people who are already doing well online.

But I've decided to put this at a more reasonable level of $3,495 (including all taxes). And there is a very generous payment plan if you prefer that.

And Iíll even let you take this tuition and divide up into 4 easy payments of $873.75 spread 30 days apart. (Or save another $50 if you want to take care of your tuition in full so we can save on bookkeeping.)

If youíd like to bring a guest — they are $995 but they have to be a spouse/significant other, child, employee or business partner (tax forms will be required to prove relationship). And only one guest is allowed.

How About a Guarantee?

Absolutely, there is a big, bold brassy one! Iím determined never to have an unhappy customer:

At the end of the first day if you donít believe what youíve discovered is pure moneymaking gold or you do not want to stay for the whole event or you are disappointed in anyway, for whatever reason, just discretely turn in your Secret Agent dossiers and your materials to one of our staff members. Say the code word "Bond" and you can leave with a full refund of your tuition. Plus Iíll give you $250 for your first nightís hotel and expenses. (This applies only to the primary registrant)

Am I crazy?

I donít think so, even though this puts me on the hook for a big chunk of change. To tell you the truth Iím not worried because I know the tremendous value of the exclusive information, trade secrets and contacts being shared over these 2 Ĺ days arenít available to anyone else, anywhere!

But, I need to warn you youíve got to be quick...

Only 389 251 202 89 69 58 37 8 'Secret Agents' Will Get Access to This
Top-Secret Meeting Location in Washington D.C.

I have a feeling with all the buzz from the previous events, the all-NEW list of guest presenters and the amazing keynote speaker - this one could sell-out even faster!

However, by taking care of this now, you lock in your seat. Classified hotel information will be provided only to registered spies. However, I can tell you our hotel is one of the most sought-after locations in Washington, D.C. (In order to protect the security of this top-secret location we have changed venues to keep double-agents from infiltrating our event.)

But thatís another reason to register immediately. We have only reserved a limited block of rooms. D.C. hotels fill up quickly.

Dates: February 20th-22nd, 2009

Location: Washington D.C, (hotel information provided to registered attendees)

Times: Approximately 9 am Ė 6 pm on February 20th
Approximately 9 am Ė ???? on February 21st
Approximately 9 am Ė 5 pm on February 22nd

Dates: February 19th, 2009

Social Media Day)

Time: Approximately 9 am - 5 pm

Hereís How to Register:

If youíre convinced this is the place for you there are 3 easy ways to register:

One: Click Here to Register Safely and Securely Online. You can pay using PayPal or your choice of American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discover.

Two: You can click here to FAX in your enrollment form, anytime, 24 hours-a-day.

Three: You can send your registration in by mail, with your personal or company check to: Surefire Marketing, Inc, 7731 Tuckerman Lane, #162 Potomac, MD 20854. (I strongly suggest FedEx because if you are attendee #390 you will be added to our wait list and your payment will be returned.)

Listen, if youíre serious about your Internet business — thereís no excuse for missing these 3 days. Do it now and secure your place!

All the best,
signature.jpg 84x69
Yanik Silver,
Director Y.S.S.

P.S. Use your powerful spy observation skills to look over the line-up again. Do you notice any common characteristics about these Internet entrepreneurs?

I donít think so.

There are men and women...There people from all over the country...Youíve got young "kids" and then other agents who wonít let me reveal their age. Truly, the only thing in common is that these are regular, ordinary people who have simply figured out who to make the Internet their personal ATM machineÖjust like you can (if you follow their lead).

P.S. #2: This is really important! Not only is the event backed by a completely risk-free, money back guarantee...but Iím even throwing in an extra $250 for your troubles. The only way you can lose is by not getting your registration form in on time! Please donít make the mistake of waiting to 'think this over'. Last time dozens of hopeful attendees were turned away because this event SOLD-OUT 5 weeks before the event.

P.S. #3: At last yearís Underground® I mentioned this yearís might be the last one. Quite frankly, Iím totally undecided if I will put another out there. The majority of my current time is spent on my Maverick Business Adventures® company so this could very well be the last Underground® event. Iím not telling you to seem like the rug store that has a "going out of business" sign posted every other week — but simply to give you full disclosure. Iím not retiring in anyway but the Underground® may be.

Click here to register immediately

Huge EXTRA Day Discounted for Early Attendees! (Save $500)
Social Media Pre-Day (February 19, 2009)

The day before the main Underground® event youíll have a seat for the absolute latest intel and information on using Social marketing to grow your business. The amazing thing about using social marketing is you can literally be a "nobody" one day and with zero outlay grow an incredibly rabid base of followers and friends who are glued to what you put out there.

The time to get moving on the social networking and media revolution is NOW! Companies that miss out on this are going to see their traffic and sales significantly diminished. Hereís just one quick example —

web-compare.jpg 500x373

This is the traffic chart for Yelp.com vs. Zagat.com. Zagat used to be the leader in restaurant reviews but very quickly theyíve been overtaken and now pretty much left in the dust by Yelp.com, which is user generated, social media. Personally, Iím a paying member of Zagat.com and I still go to Yelp.com for restaurant reviews because there are so many more.

Quite frankly the writing is on the wall and if you want to be ahead of the curve you must make sure you attend this special pre-day. And instead of paying $995.00 like other pre-days weíve offered you'll save 50% if you register for the Underground® 5 before Feb 10th, 2009.

You'll discover the absolute, up-to-the-minute real deal about using Twitter, Facebook, Social bookmarking (like DIGG, Stumble On, etc), Viral videos, Blogging and more! Social marketing is the hottest topic right now and youíll get the straight scoop from real world people using it each and every day to grow their business.

Hereís a quick snapshot of who is currently confirmed (more coming):

Perry Belcher Ė Twitter and Social Media

I first got to know what an extraordinary businessman he is as part of my Millionaire mastermind group. And every meeting he shows up with new and exciting updates & insights.

So weíve all been watching and wondering as he started Ďplayingí around with this social media stuff. But the guy has pretty much figured it outÖespecially for Twitter.

According to Perry, "Twitter.com is the probably the simplest, most powerful and MOST MISUNDERSTOOD social networking app." I agree.

Heís coming in to show you exactly how to leverage Twitter (and other social medial apps) to build an incredible Ďfollowingí for anything you want to do, say, sell or get the word out on.

Perry went from a complete standstill to over 5,000 followers on Twitter in 90 days. A few weeks after that heís now up to over 13,000+ and it keeps growing exponentially!

And thatís just one of the great things about Twitter is people WANT to hear your message.

Heís got over 13,000 followers who are glued to what he says and heís been able to parlay that into hundreds of thousands of dollars (in very creative ways). Note: If you think youíll use Twitter just to blast your marketing message out there — be forewarned — that wonít work. But if you want to engage your customers and followers — this is one of the most powerful (and simplest) ways out there.

I really think Twitter might be more powerful than Facebook soon (seriously). And you can bet Iíll be watching Perryís presentation and taking notes just like I did in our MasterMind meeting a few days ago in Florida.

Scott Stratten Ė Viral Video

I learned about this guy because someone forwarded me a video he did Ďbreaking up with the Toronto Maple Leafs'. He filmed it in first-person like he was sitting at the table with the Leafs. I thought it was pretty funny. You know, "Itís not you — it's me", etc. The stuff you say to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyway he did it as a little experiment only mailing it to 2 bloggers (that he didnít even know) and within a few days created a firestorm. The video's been viewed over 50,000+ times and got him on the National News plus numerous other press stories. Remember, all from 2 bloggers he didnít know from Adam.

So if youíre talking about Viral Video — this guy is good. Damn good!

In total the videos Scott has created have been viewed over 60,000,000 times! But even more importantly thatís translated to generating 500,000 on subscriber lists from these videos. That means these viral videos created a true 'asset' you can mail to over and over again and keep profiting from.

And thatís exactly what Scott is coming to share during the Social Media Pre-day. He truly has this honed to system — and heíll be letting you in on what it takes to get the stats counter turning over like a wild, out-of-control taxi meter in NYC.

Here are a few points Scott will cover:

  • How to create landing pages that convert viewers to subscribers.
  • What really makes something go viral (hint: you donít always decide).
  • Storyboarding and creating the concept for a mega viral hit.
  • How to come up with ideas ALL the time for viral videos.
  • Where to submit your videos to get the most initial bang for your effort!
  • How to track and tweak your process to make sure itís firing on all cylinders & much more!

Like I said these are first confirmed speakers Ė weíll be announcing others who cover all aspects of Social Media. I believe this single pre-day could be well worth your ticket price for the Ďmain event'...

Sonia Simone — Blogging
Sonia is a self-described social media geek who's been active in the space since 1989. She's worked with some of the very first businesses monetizing social media.

Over her career as a marketer and copywriter, Sonia:

  • Created $300 million in new business for a niche luxury travel company by nearly tripling referral rates. (In the talk, she'll talk about the secret sauce for reproducing those results in your own business.)
  • Is second-in-command at Copyblogger, a seven-figure business and one of the 50 most influential blogs on the Web.
  • Is the "secret weapon" for a blog-based launch in progress that has attracted some of the biggest JV names in Internet marketing.
  • Built a personal blog that generates more top-dollar freelance and consulting business than she can handle, at the same time as it builds a responsive email list of raving fans, attracts tier-one business partners, and establishes her as a recognized authority in high-quality content and relationship/referral marketing. (Think this takes a lot of time? Wrong Ė Sonia does this in about 2 hours a week of maintenance.)

This talk will give you the key blogging strategies you can implement now to forge unbreakable relationships with your customers, making you competition-proof, recession-proof and Google-slap-proof. We'll talk about how blogs and content marketing can build repeat and referral business for any size business, from billion-dollar companies to solopreneurs.

Plus, sheíll give you the best insight about how blogs can attract business partners you always thought were out of your league. Whatís more, Sonia is ready for a "no-holds-barred" Q&A where you can get answers to your most pressing questions.

Dean Hunt — on Social Bookmarking

Iíve known Dean from my Millionaire MasterMind group and heís never failed to come up with creative and innovative ways to exploit social media! The man is truly wired a bit different — which is perfect for what he does. Dean does not speak. Period. So this is going to be a real treat.

Hereís a small snapshot of what Dean has been able to do —

  • Received 249,451 UNIQUE visitors in 10 days by utilizing Russell Crowe, The Gladiator movie, a wacky experiment, a law-suit and Google.
  • Been on the homepage of every major social media and bookmarking site numerous times (DIGG, StumbleUpon, etc)
  • Has 6 BILLION blog subscribers (Iíll let him explain this one.)
  • Uses creative techniques and social media to generate authority and personal brand equity to the level where he is now paid $35,000 just to wear a t-shirt (Seriously!)
  • Has discovered creativity blueprints to make ANY website stand out above the competition and much more.

Plus Mari Smith on Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies: How to Use the Worldís #1 Online Social Networking Site to Create a Massive Following, Build Your Brand & Increase Your Profits!

Mari Smith is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Social Media Business Coach. Fast Company magazine dubbed Mari Smith "a veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz, and the Pied Piper of Facebook."

Through her consulting and training business, Mari helps independent professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate their business profits using an integrated social marketing strategy, with particular focus on Facebook and Twitter.

After applying Mariís proven "Social Marketing Method," her clients typically experience a significant increase in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates, lucrative strategic alliances and targeted media attention. Her clients have been known to earn as much as $40,000 in one week, even $16,000 in one hour, directly from Facebook.

Facebook has significant implications for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. This highly successful online social networking platform currently boasts well over 150 million active members and is predicted to be at 500,000 million members by 2011 or sooner. Over half of all active members log in daily — that's a huge captive audience!

To keep your business on the cutting edge, you must know how to tap into the power of the #1 online social network and its array of powerful features.

Mari will share proven strategies for generating significant online profits using social media, including:

  • How to use Facebook in just five minutes a day and still yield huge, measurable results.
  • Simple strategies to powerfully leverage your visibility and brand.
  • The most effective ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  • How to easily drive a flood of traffic to your website and blog.
  • The #1 method you must use on Facebook for getting high search engine ranking.
  • Proven ways to identify and attract your top paying clients.
  • How to create lucrative Joint Venture partnerships and much more!

Instead of paying $995.00 extra to attend you can grab a seat here for just $495 in addition to your regular ticket.

Click here to register now

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