But here's the catch..

After 10 Years of Shaking Up The Internet And Generating
Countless Millions of Dollars in Profits For Attendees
- Underground® X Marked the End Of An Era…

Attendees, who flew in from all four corners of the globe, all left the experience with the knowledge and confidence necessary to apply what they learned for measurable increases in traffic, sales, and market share.

In fact, here's what a few attendees reported:

"It was at this very event a few years ago, when I spoke, that the idea for Awesomeness Fest was born. And that sparked the idea for Mindvalley Insights, which later would lead to Zentrepreneur."

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO of Mindvalley

“It's one of two things I never ever ever, short of famine, fire or plague ever miss. It is so valuable to my business. The speakers and presenters are phenomenal.”

Shelby Larson

Founder & Co-Owner

“Really a lot of what you learn from the Underground is what's going on in the future. The ah-ha moment is just learning from these guys what's going to happen next and now you can use that knowledge in your business to be ahead of the curve.”

Craig Handley

Craig Listen Up Español, Inc 500 Winner #1 in Business Services Category

“You get people who are doing very different things and have very different skill sets than the normal Internet experts that you know of or see at the other seminars.”

David Frey


Retirement Bombshell

So it was a complete shocker when I announced from stage that I was retiring the Underground Online Seminar®.

It's true.

While I still love the online space, I think there's a bigger picture that the Internet falls into. It's one channel (albeit an extremely powerful one) to leverage your message and story. So you'll have to stay tuned to what's next.

If you were one of the many disappointed people who missed out on all of the remarkable profit secrets that were shared at the grand finale of the Underground Online Seminar® or the previous 9 years, I'm sorry, but you missed out pretty big this time… Yet, there's still one more chance to take part in all the nonstop action, cutting edge Internet marketing tactics, and step by step business building strategies that ensued throughout the years…

We Captured All 10 Years of the Underground®, So You (And Your Team) Can Get Immediate Access To ALL The Presentations, Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office!

That's right…

We've professionally recorded hour after hour of these Internet marketing strategies and tactics presented. (And we don't skimp on production - AV alone cost $50,000.00+ per event.)

Then our team professionally edited it into a series of video presentations -- over 200+ plus hours worth -- that you (or your team) can start downloading to your computer in the next 5 minutes, and watch as many times as you want, to give your business the jump-start it needs!

Every Presenter Underwent an Important Qualification Process Before They Were Invited

Now, before I tell you about the videos, there's something I need to remind you about the presenters…

They are NOT people who are out there selling "how to make money on the Internet" products or get-rich-quick schemes! No, the men and women who hit the stage were considered the renegade superstars of Internet marketing. (That also means they are not polished speakers in many cases – but hopefully you'd rather have the straight scoop from the real people in the trenches than be wowed by a choreographed 'dog and pony' show on stage.)

Now to be allowed on stage at any Underground®, they had to hit all of my 5 point criteria:

They had to be relatively unknown people who are actually making money online, but are NOT on every “seminar circuit” peddling their wares. No theory and hype - just tried and true verifiable and validated Internet success strategies.

No one making the bulk of their income by selling information on how to make money. They have to be able to actually make money from a real product or service before claiming guru status. (That means they can't be a “shovel seller”).

They had to be able to teach their methods. (Some people are terrific doers but they cannot convey their knowledge into concepts others can use and understand.)

Their methods must work and be replicable today by people who are not “super marketers” or “super geeks.”(Plus, their success can't be founded on methods that worked once 2, 3 or even 8 years ago when Internet marketing was still in its infancy.

And finally no B.S.! They can't blow smoke and have no substance.

You'll Get Ten Years and Over 150+ Hours Of Confidential Footage Included in The Underground® Total Decade Package:

Expert after expert, working in every business imaginable -- from 'weird' niche markets to highly competitive industries, like fitness, finance and dating. And they each took the stage to share their test results, winning traffic strategies, conversion tweaks, business building secrets, profit hacks and so much more. The bad news is you weren't here each year but the good news is we got ALL of it on video.

Here's a quick rundown of the key intel categories you (or your team) can get from 'eavesdropping' on from the different presentations at Underground® over the past ten years. Remember, this is just a small highlight of the dozens and dozens of 'secret agents' who have been a part of the Underground®. (You might even recognize some of the names now who have gone on to make a big splash online but when they spoke they were all pretty much under the radar.)

More Traffic

Everybody wants more traffic but the ‘push button’ tactics that work one second won’t sustain you in the long run. That’s why we’ve pulled the best of the best for what will continue working to drive more traffic to your sites...

You Tube Marketing Secrets: Alex Ikonn

Co-founder of Luxy Hair and YouTube sensation, Alex Ikonn has build his 7-Figure E-Commerce business on Shopify through leveraging the power of online video. His channel currently has over 1,100,000+ subscribers, 150,000,000 views, gains on average 2000+ subscribers a day, and is ranked within the top 20 Beauty Channel on YouTube in the world. At Underground® X – Alex wowed the audience with his behind-the-scenes secrets.

And from Underground® 8 – these two really stood out:

And in earlier Underground® seminars here are presenters worth your attention for more traffic...

Blog Network Goldmine: Darren Rowse

I flew Darren Rowse (and his family) in at my expense from Melbourne Australia because of his unique story and background.

Back in 2002 Darren stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’ and within 24 hours of reading the article he had started his first blog, a personal blog where he explored issues of Pop Culture, Spirituality and Blogging ever since. Since that time, he’s started 16 other sites (and counting). They are all sorts of different topics – including digital photography, the Olympics, printer reviews, laptops and more. Darren took a hobby blog and in less than two years was making a solid six-figure income (while working only 2 days per week because of church commitments and a previous job). When he spoke, he had even raised $2,000,000 in venture capital for his b5media blog network.

How To Capitalize On The Massive ‘Mommy Blog' Network: Janice Croze

Janice Croze and her identical twin, Susan Carraretto, are the bubbly 6-figure bloggers behind the massively successful blog "5 Minutes for Mom". They are both Internet loving, passionately driven, crazy busy moms who changed their lives online and are committed to helping other women do the same.

5 Minutes for Mom has been ranked independently as the Top Family Blog (Technorati) and 2nd Top Parenting Blog (Technorati and The Wall Street Journal).

As one of the pioneer blogs of the “momosphere”, 5 Minutes for Mom helped shape much of what “Mom Blogging” is today. Through vehicles such as their Ultimate Blog Party, Blogs Can Change Lives, 5 Minutes around the Blogosphere, and weekly carnivals, they help thousands of mom bloggers regularly connect with one another.

And if that isn't enough, these twin sisters also run a network of five sister site blogs and two successful ecommerce stores in the toy niche. As work-at-home moms, they've built these businesses from home while trying to keep up with two young children each.

Winning at Big Media Online:
Susan Wilson Solovic

Susan is the CEO of SBTV.com, Small Business Television and has made big inroads in the space. Think about the history of broadcast media. We originally started with the Big 3 (NBC, ABC, CBS). Then Fox got in the game. Then Cable splintered the market. Now it’s a million websites. What’s so exciting is YOU can create your own media and truly compete against all the big-boys in broadcast. But what’s even more exciting is when you create an online broadcast media for a specific niche in practically no-time and make multiple streams of revenue from it.

SBTV.com is the first and only video news and information destination site for America’s small businesses. She’s dealing with some serious traffic numbers. Just take a look at these stats:

That’s 1.1 MILLION unique users in a month. And you know what makes these numbers even more impressive? These numbers are just 1 year after SBTV.com was launched starting from scratch.

Conversion and Optimization

After getting traffic to your site you need to know how to convert the visitors. Just imagine if you doubled your conversion % - you could double your revenue without getting one extra visitor. These Underground® presenters key in on the best ways to optimize everything you’re already doing...

Mad Scientist of Split Testing and Conversion: Matt Gallant

For the past 8 Years Matt Gallant has been hidden away in his secret lab in Panama living the Internet marketing lifestyle and profiting online with everything from: skin care products to self defense videos and guitar products to dog walking services. Building several 7-figure businesses and a combined active email list of over 1.5 million names. Matt reveals his Extreme Optimization principles and why it's the #1 thing you need to do to dominate your niche. You can expect tons of hot tips you can use immediately in your business.

Killer Conversion Tactics To Maximize Profits: Derek Gehl

Derek Gehl helped take Internet Marketing Center from a $25 investment to over $100,000,000 in online sales, before selling the company to a major investor for a high 8-figure price tag!

Since then, he's run over a dozen websites of his own, and is a frequent consultant to some of the biggest online marketers in the business, where he shows them how to capture the vast sums of money they're leaving on the table.

During this site conversion presentation, Derek draws from his extensive experience analyzing a website's results, and testing and tracking to maximize its performance.

Ninja Marketplace Research: Glenn Livingston

I met Glenn at Underground® II through my friend, Jonathan Mizel. You see, Jonathan decided he wasn’t going to coach Glenn anymore and would actually partner up with him because of the unique things he was doing in all sorts of niches. But I’m getting ahead of myself...

Glenn is kind of an odd success story because he used to work with some of the biggest corporations on the planet like Bausch & Lomb, Whirlpool, and Nabisco, where he billed them $100,000 - $500,000 per project until he decided to fire all his clients to sell a $9.99 ebook on Guinea Pigs. Crazy, right?

You can just imagine the kind of response he got from his family, friends and colleagues! Glenn made up his mind to move out of corporate consulting world and focus solely on creating new businesses that would provide totally passive income… with no headaches, no client “emergencies”, no ridiculous work hours and no time away from his family.

Just using his unique research system and nothing else...no purchased opt-in lists, no backend products, no SEO, no affiliates and no JV deals... simply buying his own traffic, Glenn was able to start banking $2,000 a month with his silly guinea pig ebook.

Then he quickly tested and duplicated this success in other markets, and within months he had built up 5-figure recurring monthly income in 14 different niches that have absolutely nothing to do with “make money on the Internet”. He’s got sites out there making him passive income on guinea pigs, alpacas, body language, Sudoku, wastewater management, pygmy goats, disability, life coaching, Radon, and a wide variety of other markets.

The amazing thing is because of Glenn’s foolproof formula, he is NOT afraid of competitors moving in to rip him off and he freely talks about all of his markets. (Of course, some of these sites are more successful than others. But to date, he’s never lost ANY money when he followed his formula.)

Online Business Models & Strategies

Crowdfunding Campaign Hacks:
Clay Hebert

Clay Hebert is one of the world's leading crowdfunding experts and has helped 40 entrepreneurs raise over $4 million (and counting) on popular platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Using crowdfunding you can quickly gauge if a product idea has legs or not.

The big twist to get you cash positive before you start creating the product. (Or if you don't sell enough just bag it and re-invent. No harm and no foul. Plus, nobody’s out 80-gazillion hours working on what they think is the next big thing.)

Trust me, its super motivating and totally energizing to have a chunk of cash in the door before you sit down to create your product. (In fact, that’s how I first got started in my own business.) This is a totally new way to harness the power of the marketplace to get paid before you spin your wheels working on a product that may or may not fly. And the cool thing is it totally works even if you’re starting from a complete standstill or if you don’t already have a “name”.


We’ve had all sorts of presenters share how they sell real products online and in all different channels. Here’s the best-of-the-best for ecommerce...

Amazing Amazon Success Secrets:
Matt Clark

Amazon is a huge marketplace with over 200,000,000 customers. When customers visit Amazon they aren’t just browsing for the heck of it but to buy. You can capitalize on this incredible windfall of buyers.

Matt Clark founded his online health product distribution business at 22 and quickly grew it into a multi-million dollar industry-leading enterprise by leveraging the power of Amazon with thousands of products and employees spanning the globe. After teaming up with another Maverick member, he co-created the ‘Amazing Selling Machine’ helping thousands of people make a significant income online using Amazon.

And from Underground® 8...

From Underground® 7...

How To Double Sales With Email
In an eCommerce Business:
Harry Gilliam

When you hear about “Product Launch Formulas” and email marketing, you normally think of someone selling info products... That’s not what Harry Gilliam sells. Harryis a guy who runs a seven-figure-income business selling the stuff you need to make fireworks -- and over 50% of his revenue is generated via email marketing.

And from Underground® III – this pair of eCommerce presenters give you their stories...

I discovered our next rogue agent because her story was inside a magazine I was featured in. Amanda Raab started from scratch and built a $2 million web business selling pearls online. Now, in case you have any doubts, jewelry is one of the most competitive marketplaces on the Net and Amanda’s site, www.PurePearls.com, is totally kicking butt!

Completely self-taught on web marketing, she brings her fresh insight to this event. When I spoke to her on the phone, she wasn’t even running an affiliate program so she’s definitely still scratching the surface of her site’s potential. Amanda spills the beans on exactly what she did starting from knowing absolutely nothing in her industry, fumbling to email wholesalers to now working directly with some of the world’s top pearl producers.

Selling to the Affluent Online:
Hal Oates

Back in 2000, Hal Oates started a small newsletter to help his thirsty friends and family search out fine wines that no one knew about. I guess you could call them “Underground” wines.

Fast forward 7 years after that and he’s running Porthos.com, one of the top wine eCommerce sites on the internet. His customers include some of the wealthiest people on the planet as well as corporate giants like Neiman Marcus. (That should give you an idea of the level he’s playing at.)

Information Marketing & Publishing

Selling content is still one of the most profitable and exciting ventures to make work online in just about any category like this Underground® 8 presenter...

Or this one...

The Ultimate Internet Lifestye:
Mike Geary

A few years before his presentation, Mike Geary wouldn’t have known a sales letter if it hit him right in the face. Then in 2008 Mike’s sites (Truthaboutabs.com) was on track to do $4 MILLION in revenue... with zero employees. He’s gone from working a full-time job and dabbling in marketing... to going full-time as a marketer, spending most winter days skiing in the Rockies. The rest of the year he works from wherever he feels like going.

And how about cookbooks online? Aren’t there more than enough free sites with that information?

Go tell your family and friends you're going to make money selling digital cook books online -- what reaction will they give you? Probably raised eyebrows and questions about your sanity! But Ron sold over 52,000 book and ebook cookbooks online through Clickbank, and then another 850,000+ cookbooks through his publisher.

Just about any interest or hobby can be turned into a lucrative online business...

The Formula For A 7 Figure
Niche Information Marketing Business:
Chet Womach

Here’s a guy who has been flying under the radar for years, generating over seven figures annually in two pet training niches: parrots and dogs.

His first success was BirdTricks.com, where he has developed a sophisticated sales funnel selling info products that help frustrated parrot owners tame their aggressive birds. Once he’d dominated this niche (earning over seven figures annually!), Chet decided to try replicating his success in the highly competitive dog training arena... with impressive successes here, too!

Six-Figure Monthly Membership Sites:
Mr. X

Mr. X didn’t want me to reveal his true identity when he spoke at Underground® for fear of competitors and rip-off artists finding out his sites. (Yes, he’s a little bit paranoid but you might be too if you were doing six-figures/month from 4 different sites in the health and fitness space.)

Setting up membership sites are so powerful because you only need to work once to get a customer and each (quarter, month, year, etc.) you get to charge them again and again. This has got to be one of the best ways to take information and content about your hobby, passion or ideas and sell it online.

Membership Sites: Community Building Secrets
Jermaine Griggs

Jermaine Griggs got started when he was 16 out of his grandmother’s one bedroom apartment in the inner city of Long Beach, CA. Starting with a $70 domain name, his first online business HearandPlay.com, a site specializing in teaching piano "by ear" was born! Fast forward six years... he's taken that $70 investment and turned it into a 7-figure business.

He's managed to build a list of over 200,000 loyal subscribers and when he spoke at Undrground® he's was doing over over $1.1 million dollars selling his courses, DVDs, and music software. He’s started a community-based site and has grown it to 56,000 members! When it comes to creating a sticky site that attracts thousands of daily log-ins and over 1.5 million visitors a year, he's the one to talk to! His motto is: "The longer they stay, the more they'll pay!"

Product Launches

Product Launch Formula:
Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker, first appeared on stage at Underground® I, and is the creator of the Product Launch Formula... that's a system that's been used by thousands of entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niches and markets to create hugely successful product launches. He’s had quite a run since then...

The imact has been crazy huge... with his students and clients generating well over $400 million in product launches. Along the way, he's coached or helped all kinds of experts such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Rich Schefren, Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, Yanik Silver, Greg Clement and dozens more "gurus" -- but gets most excited about all of the "regular folks" that he's helped quit their jobs and grow serious business.

Global Launches:
Ewa Wysocka

Ewa is the senior Partner at Mindvalley Publishing, Co-Founder of Mindvalley Poland and the brains behind Mindvalley's Product Launches. In 2011, she was responsible for launching nine different businesses and taking Mindvalley's publishing model to a 100% hit rate (from 50% in previous years).

Her string of hits in 2011 include ChakraHealing.com, UnlimitedAbundance.com, AwesomenessFest.com, Omharmonics.com and SilvaManifesting. In 2011 alone, Ewa was responsible for launching 1 new website or product every 6 weeks with her team.

This perhaps makes her the single most active product launch expert in the Internet Marketing industry. Her eye for aesthetics, branding and design has also made her websites some of the most imitated in the industry and she'll be revealing her biggest secrets on stage at the Underground®.

The Total Million Dollar
Low Price Point Launch Blueprint:
Joel Marion

Million-dollar product launches are almost commonplace now, right? Just sell 501 products at $1997 and you're there. Or maybe 1002 at $997. But what if your product is less than $100, can it still be done? YES!!

Joel came out of nowhere and did the very first million dollar launch in the fitness info-marketing industry -- selling $1,400,000 worth of a $67 product in just 1 week! He'll share his compressed "fortnight launch formula" that made it happen and won him Underground® Marketer of the Year for his presentation. (Side note: Joel only presented as a personal favor to me because I got him started with copywriting through my course.)

Mobile Apps & Software

Mobile App Madness:
Chad Mureta

One of the HOTTEST industries out there right now is mobile apps and it only continues growing at an exponential rate with billions at play! After a devastating car accident confined him to a hospital bed, Chad discovered the possibilities of the emerging app market while experimenting with his iPhone. Two years later, he spearheaded the development and marketing of 46 apps, which were downloaded over 35 million times worldwide (significantly more now!) He RARELY does events and but has agreed to step on stage and share exactly how he did it all.

App Development with Pencil & Paper:
Quoc Bui & Michael Moon

How do two 26-year-old guys start and maintain an $800,000 per year business with limited resources and only a few hours a week? Quoc and his best friend Michael did just that as founders of "Free The Apps" as well as multiple other iPhone App companies including Hipposoft, Pici App, and more.

They've gone on to generate over 18 million downloads across more than 20 applications in the iTunes App Store in less than 18 months... they've been featured in the New York Times... and they've significantly reduced their working hours. These guys have truly cracked the code for making profitable iPhone and iPad applications!

And during this exciting presentation, Quoc and Michael will be revealing how you can turn YOUR ideas into profitable apps -- without ANY programming experience. They'll walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to find low-cost, high quality developers to create your apps for you. Quality information from one of the most successful app companies operating on the Web today!

Building a Multi-Million Dollar
Software as a Service (SaaS) from Scratch:
Clay Collins

Clay Collins is the co-founder of LeadPages, a landing page and conversion rate optimization platform. Since its start in January of 2013, Clay has grown the product from initial launch to over 15,000 customers (serving millions of page views per month), several rounds of venture funding, a consistent 20% growth each month, and a $3.5 million run rate (just first nine months after launching).

What makes Clay unique is that he is a “product guy” through and through, yet has a very powerful talent for marketing. In fact, he not only oversees the creation of the product, but is the main driving force behind all the marketing at LeadPages. In his presentation, Clay shares some of his best insights from growing his company as well as some super tactical, immediately useful, tips for multiplying your conversions.

Online Business Strategy & Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking for Mega Subscriber Growth:
Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is one of the top rated burrito connoisseurs across the globe.

Besides doing that he was #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint and has since created two multi-million dollar businesses.

His latest obsession is AppSumo.com (with over 550,000 active sumo-lings) helps web geeks everywhere find amazing deals on top professional tools / education. Noah goes behind the scenes of his successful online business to showcase everything he’s doing to earn him the title of Underground® Marketer of the Year for his candid presentation.

Silicon Valley Meets Bootstrapping Underground:
Susan Bratton

Serial entrepreneur with Silicon Valley start-up chops, Susan sits on the boards of a number of technology companies and is a founder of two industry associations. She is co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, a technology provider of automated platforms for information products, publishing nearly 20 direct-to-consumer personal and professional growth product lines. Get savory insights from both sides of the Internet “world” — she’ll reveal what boot-strappers like us do better and what the VC-backed industry has figured out that we can learn from them.

Maximum Marketing:
AJ Roberts

AJ is renowned marketing expert, best selling author and seminar leader, widely considered as one of the Go-To guys for all things digital marketing. He has a unique ability to understand what consumers are thinking better than most of them understand themselves and it has allowed him to master the process of turning online prospects into paying customers. AJ shares his Maximum Marketing optimization strategies and secrets.

Empires and Exits

Have big aspirations? These presentations will keep you inspired with their the success and foundational of the key elements that really paid off starting with 2 of the bigger Underground® 8 presenters...

Or what if you want to make a really big splash and have a 9-figure exit? We have you covered with both of these Underground® alums...

$100,000,000 Exit #1:
Matthew Monahan

Underground® alum, Matthew Monahan, is the co-founder and CEO of inflection. He attended the entrepreneurship program at the University of Southern California. After dropping out and selling his first business, he came to Silicon Valley and joined forces with his brother, Brian. In 2012, they sold a piece of their company (Archives.com) to Ancestry.com Inc for $100 million cash and since then have continued to grow. They now have 175 employees, 4 office locations, and multiple online brands that receive over 15 million web visits a month. With sales increasing at over 50% annually, they have truly mastered the art of fundraising, deal making, managing and running teams, as well as building software that builds trust and connection on the internet.

$100,000,000+ Exit #2:
Ryan Allis

Another Underground® alum, Ryan Allis, is a technology entrepreneur and investor. Ryan was the Co-Founder and CEO of iContact from 2003 until it was acquired in February 2012 by Vocus (NASDAQ:VOCS) for $169M. He’ll break down the key strategic pieces iContact used to grow from its start in 2003 to 300 employees, 70,000 customers, and 1 million users, reaching the INC 500 list three times. iContact used the 4-1s CSR model to give 1% of its payroll, equity, employee time, and product back to the community.

Today, Ryan is the CEO of Connect, a social mapping company and the author of a book on entrepreneurship called Zero to One Million (McGraw-Hill, 2008) which reached #11 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list and #2 on the Amazon.com bestseller list. He is currently working on the book called The Innovators (2013).

And this is still just a small fraction of what’s included...

The past several years we’ve run Spy vs. Spy sessions with different experts competing against each to win over the audience with who’s techniques and tactics work the best.

And if that’s not enough you’ll also sit back and enjoy some of the best real-world experts sharing super laser focused 15-minute field reports on what’s working. You’ll get the most up-to-date information straight from the trenches from people who are on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

And there are still so many more presentations in this jumbo package including...

Online Business Icons and Keynotes:

Over the years the Underground® has welcome incredible keynote presenters and celebrity icons. You’ll get each of their presentations included in your full Underground® Total Decade package too.

"Millionaire Messenger"
Brendon Burchard

Brendon went from a broke, unknown entrepreneur to making $4.6 million in less than 24 months. He is the founder of Experts Academy and the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger. He is also author of Life's Golden Ticket and one of the top business and motivational trainers in the world. His famous training events and videos inspire millions of people to start anew, find their voice, live more fully, and make a greater difference in the world.

Brendon was blessed to receive life's golden ticket --a second chance-- after surviving a car accident in a developing country. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping individuals, teams, and organizations create and master change. His clients have included Accenture, Alcoa, JC Penney, eBay, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Levi's, Gateway, and Walgreens, as well as thousands of executives and entrepreneurs from around the globe who attend his speeches and seminars.

Company Culture:
Mike Faith, CEO Headsets.com

Mike is the founder CEO of Headsets.com, Inc. A company that’s grown from a $40,000 investment in 1998 to $40,000,000+ and growing business.

Mike credits “Customer Love” as the number one secret behind the huge growth. Headsets.com has made three appearances on the prestigious Inc 500 fastest growing companies list, and it was voted as one of the best places to work in the Bay Area for the last two years.

Catalog Success gave him a Cataloger of the Year award in 2005, and he recently won a ‘Stevie’ award for creating America’s Best Customer Service Team.

Company Culture:
Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com

Billion dollar eTailer, Zappos.com, has been heralded as the poster child for how culture can drive an organization. And long before Tony was a feature in just about every business book and article on culture, attendees of the Underground® got his wisdom for two years in a row.

Then There’s Me...
Yanik Silver

For the Underground Total Decade package, you’ll get every talk I gave on stage. Each year I’d work hard on creating an all-new presentation with my latest thinking and insights.

Everything from how to sell ultra-high priced and high ticket information products and services to how to come up with the “Big Idea” or “Hook” for maximum result. Or more recently Community Code 2.0: How to create a group of customer zealots and brand advocates and my final standing keynote at Underground® X on Evolved Enterprise™. The future of business for the 21st century that earned me a standing ovation.

Straight From the Trenches No Fluff Info

Here's what else. I took another extraordinary step to make sure our guest presenters really put their best cards on the table with the...

And You Get to See It ALL…
IF You Grab The Underground Total Decade
Package Before It Goes Back Into the “VAULT”

There’s got to be a reason all sorts of offline and online 'celebrity' marketers (several I personally know are verifiable, bona fide millionaires and multi-millionaires) attended on their own dime. Why attendees like Tim Ferriss show up here before they were “Tim Ferriss” and why more than 50% of the audience consists of 7 and 8-figure online earners. Even Dan Kennedy attended the first Underground® and that’s for one simple reason…to hear what these "Real World" Underground successes are doing online.

In fact, attendees came from the far reaches of the globe. They came in from the UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Spain, Japan, Romania and even China.

This was the real deal and you get a front row seat.

The Underground is Truly Different…

Frankly, it was a gargantuan task to locate, uncover, convince and coax these individuals to come forward and pull back the curtain. And part of my agreement with the speakers was I could not “flood” the marketplace with their underground techniques. That’s why we only sell a limited number of sets of recordings each year.

Before we wrap up I have to warn you…

This Information is Positively
NOT for Everybody

It is FOR YOU if are already doing something online in one way or another. If that’s the case, then I can promise you the new information revealed here will be responsible for a significant additional revenue stream or addition to your business. It’s an absolute no-brainer and shoe-in! (Unless you course, you have a ‘know-it-all’, ‘seen-it-all’ attitude. In that case – this is NOT for you.)

Now it is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from multiple sources who have all “done it”.

What Kind of Price Tag
Should This Go For?

Every person who attended Underground in person paid anywhere from $1,995.00 - $3,495.00 just to walk through the door! And that doesn't include the price of the airfare, the cost of the hotel, and all of the other expenses that attendees incurred in order to be at this event. So all in, attendees paid multiples of the ticket price, which they did gladly, because they knew they could make that money back with just a couple of the strategies they'd learn! (And attending all ten events live it would have set you back $20k – 30k.

I thought about this for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price for the most valuable “gold” from over 30+ days worth of information from true Internet success stories? If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge - what would that be worth to you?

One colleague argued that I should charge the exact same ticket price for the “At-Home” version as we do for one LIVE event. I seriously considered $1,995 (seemingly the going rate these days), $1495.00 or $1295.00 but in the end I decided against that to make price a ‘non-decision’ for only $995 or 3 easy payments of $375 spread 30 days apart.

I’ve always stood by the philosophy of providing a 10X – 100X return for anybody who does business with us. And at this low price – I’d be absolutely floored if you didn’t see a significant return.

How About a Guarantee?

Absolutely, there is a big, bold brassy one! I’m determined never to have an unhappy customer. No doubt there are LOTS of resources available out there that promise to help you build your business and earn a significant income -- but rarely deliver -- so might not be sure what you’ll get with the Underground recordings.

That's totally fair. I understand your need for caution...

So to put your mind completely at ease, I want you to know that your investment is fully protected by my 100% money back guarantee. I want to make sure you can immediately see a 10X return on your investment.

Claim your copy of the Underground® now and you could be checking them out five minutes from now. Then try out all of the strategies and secrets it contains for the next 90 days, to make small tweaks in your business and big bold moves.

Essentially you decide...

If you don't think these strategies and tactics will do exactly what I say they will, let me know by the end of your first 90 days, and I'll refund all of your money... no questions asked!

You (And Your Team) Can Get Immediate Uninterrupted Access To The Video Series In The Next 5 Minutes

To get this invaluable resource into your hands as quickly as possible...we’ve made all the recordings downloadable instead of shipping you a huge stack of DVDs.

That means that, once you decide to claim your set, you'll be watching (and learning from them) in just minutes!

You can stream the videos online in order to watch them right away, or take a minute to download them directly to your computer's hard drive, where you'll be able to watch them as often as you want, from wherever you are, even if you don't have an Internet connection!

All together, that's over 100+ hours of pure marketing gold, without any fluff or filler!

This is your chance to get the insiders look on the most advanced and cutting edge online marketing tactics and strategies that are working right now --- Information that could EASILY cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you were to track down.

Remember, with my 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, you’re not risking anything when you take action today. This is a modest one-time investment in your business that will continue paying you back year after year.

The next move is up to you but I’ll bet you this deal doesn’t last long. In fact, based on the last ten years… I guarantee it.

So don’t miss out.

All the best,

Yanik Silver,
Founder, Underground Online Seminar

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*Or 3 Payments of $375

P.P.P.S. There might be one more nagging question I forgot to answer for you. Something that’s very important:

“Do These Covert Tactics STILL
Work to Make Money Online?”

Even though you’ll be getting access to some presentations from several years back, the short answer is a resounding YES!

We’ve culled and removed some of the more tactic-heavy presentations that might be outdated and the good news is many of the strategies and tactics you’re about to discover are probably even more effective than ever.

Why? Because most of the market has moved on to the latest and greatest “silver bullet” that doesn’t work. The good news is, you’re just one step away from putting “what works” to work for you.

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