Maverick Young Entrepreneurs Challenge Proudly Presented by:


Attention: Young Entrepreneurs Age 13-21….

Here’s Your Chance to Learn Directly from Top Online Businesses (Including Billion Dollar eCommerce Giants), Network with Ultra Successful Internet Insiders and Get on the Fast Track to Taking Your Venture To the Next Level

Maverick Young Entrepreneurs Challenge Proudly Presented by:

Announcing a Special Scholarship Opportunity for

10 Super Star Young Entrepreneurs – Will You Be One of Them?

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Q. Are you a super star emerging young (13-21) entrepreneur who thinks they have the wits to hang with the world’s top online entrepreneurs?

Q. Do you have an entrepreneurial success story or drive already? 

Q. Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to create the next, or even

A. If you answered YES, YES and YES - then this is for you! Share your story and you might win a scholarship to Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar® 5 Seminar in Washington, DC to be held February 20-22, 2009 (a $2,995 value)! Plus an incredible list of exceptional VIP extras to make this the ultimate young entrepreneurs experience.

Quite frankly, there is no better time in history for someone, namely YOU, to create the next blockbuster Online business. You don’t need much money, you don’t need a big fancy office and you don’t need a bunch of support staff. The fact is the Internet has truly changed the game forever.


You pretty much just need a good idea and a little gumption.


But just imagine if you took that good idea and multiplied it by getting the right direction from others who have done it and a few top-level connections! How much faster would this turbo charge your success?


And that’s what this is all about…


The Maverick Young Entrepreneurs Challenge for emerging entrepreneurs aged 13-21. We’re in search of the next generation of young thought leaders and Mavericks ready to break the rules building their own online success story. We're on a mission to find 10 lucky winners who’ll get the ultimate young entrepreneurial experience at the upcoming Underground Online Seminar® 5. Winners will be chosen based on an application process and a panel of distinctive business judges.


If you are one of the 10 winners of the challenge will receive the following:


·       Free admission to Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar® 5  to be held at a top-secret location in Washington, DC on February 20-22, 2009. ($2,995 value)  


·       Face-to-face networking opportunities at the event with 300+ leading entrepreneurs and top Internet business owners including Ryan Allis, who has built multiple million dollar companies from scratch (one while in his teens), Bob Parsons, CEO of; and Tony Hsieh, CEO of, the #1 online footwear retailer that broke $1 billion dollars in sales in 2008 & many more!


·       Private VIP Lunch with Yanik Silver, Shonika Proctor, multiple speakers from the Underground® and members of the exclusive Maverick Business Adventures® group. (Maverick Business Adventures® is a distinct group of 7-figure business owners committed to ‘giving forward’ to young entrepreneurs.)


·       Closed-door learning session led by Yanik Silver, to help you create even BIGGER business opportunities with some of the top Internet marketers in the world.


·       Exclusive Maverick Young Entrepreneurs Swag Prize Bag (Special resources and goodies from top online experts -  $1000s in value.)


·       An amazing one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial experience that you are sure to remember for years to come!


How This Works


Between now and February 4, 2009, we are taking submissions for this competition. Competition rules are listed below:


·      You must be between the ages 13-21

·      The winner is responsible for his/her hotel and airfare

·      You must verify your business earnings If you choose to state them

·      You must submit your application by February 4, 2009 5:00 pm EST

·      One entry per person please.

·      Your business can be "online" and “offline”

·      Your parent or guardian will need to sign a disclaimer form if you are under age 18

·      (For complete rules, please Click Here)


Please note the judges will be considering applications based on prior success, attitude and entrepreneurial aspirations.


Maverick Entrepreneurs Challenge Scholarship Entry Form:


Background Info (these questions will not used in the judging process):


1.    What is your full name?

2.    How old are you?

3.    Email: (only used to notify winners)

4.    URL:

5.    How did you find out about The Maverick Young Entrepreneur Challenge?

6.    What inspired you to want to start your own business?

7.    If applicable, how old were you when you started your first business?


The following questions will be used in the judging process and points are based on aspirations, originality and authenticity (being genuine). Please read the question clearly and take your time when writing your answer. Edits or changes will not be accepted after you have pressed the submit button.


8. What is the product or service that your company sells?  Please provide any numbers behind the business you’d like to share.

9. Share your “elevator pitch” in 3 sentences or less.

10. What is the greatest challenge or struggle you have had to overcome as a young entrepreneur? How did you overcome that challenge?

11. Aside from money or financial freedom, what drives you or gets you excited about being an entrepreneur?

12. What would you say has been the most valuable personality trait or skill that has worked in your favor in running your business and why?

13. What legacy would you like the world to remember you by?

14. If chosen as a winner of the The Maverick Young Entrepreneur Challenge, what would you hope to gain from the experience? Part II. What can we expect you to share with other attendees?

15. Do you have any final words or anything else that you would like the judges to know about you that we did not ask in the previous questions?



About the Challenge:

The Maverick Young Entrepreneurs Challenge is a competition started by self-made Internet millionaire, Yanik Silver, and his Maverick Business Adventures® group. This is an exclusive group of millionaire business owners who live life to the fullest, create business breakthroughs together and leave a lasting legacy for future ‘Maverick’ entrepreneurs. is founded by youth and teen coaching pioneer, Shonika Proctor.


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