Underground Nugget: System For 6 Figures Your First Year

At Underground Online Seminar 6, Bedros Keuilian laid out a business model that he promises will take new micro-niche businesses to 6 figures their first year.

If you’re already doing 6 figures in your micro-niche business, this will take you to 7!

Check it out:

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17 Responses to “Underground Nugget: System For 6 Figures Your First Year”

  1. WOW – thanks so much for this video from Underground 6. I loved it! I’ve purchased the videos and DVDs from previous Undergrounds. This was by far some of the best material I’ve seen. I get tons of traffic, but learning how to better monetize it has always been my biggest challenge.

    Thanks again,

  2. marge says:

    I got so much out of Bedros’ talk at Underground and watching this clip again has reminded me of a few points that are so much more relevant now like make sure it has multiple streams and continuity. Great Stuff.

  3. Yanik,

    Whats up?

    All I can say is… WOW!


    I truly have NEVER been so impressed and honestly I wanna go into Private Training just to be involved with Bedros!

    No BS I have every course on the market from every Guru and love them all.. BUT I believe that what I just learned from Bedros will LITERALLY TRIPLE to QUADRUPLE MY UPCOMING LAUNCH AND EASILY, VERY EASILY MAKE IT A 6 FIGURE LAUNCH AT LEAST!

    I will explain why & how I think that in your newest blog post asking for comments on what we have learned and hopefully win… Actually with all the value I just got we have already won!

    Thanks Yanik for sharing these awesome people and their awesome content!


    Your Friend,

  4. tim says:

    This is very good time management… top stuff

  5. mark imris says:

    As always you have over delivered with the contents in these two videos today. I truly loved them and will be implementing some of the strategies shared. Thanks for pushing the free line even further… You’re great!!

  6. Jann says:

    Thanks Yanik for sharing this wonderful “nuggets”. I just bought your Moonlighting book!! Thank you!

  7. Armando says:

    Bedros knows his stuff. Even more importantly he over delivers! This video was great but watching it will do nothing but waste your time. To get value from it you have to apply it an leverage your time. Bedros has got the goods, I know the IM community will see more of him. He lives this stuff and surrounds himself with the best.

    Awesome job Bedros!

  8. Anna says:

    Thanks for another great video!

    This Keuilian method video was full of great content. I was right there with him, ready for more.

  9. Kit Elliott says:

    When I enter/exit the gym now.. I think of his “shard” story.. Thanks Bedros!

  10. Regina says:

    The video is packed with information! It corresponds with other material I have been reading and then takes it even further. Thank you, Bedrous, for the info. Thank you, Yanik, for sharing it here.

  11. Phil says:

    For 30 min I was given sound information and a base for my potential business. I’m new to this area (brain overload). Thanks for it. About to try and start things here in Australia. Taking one step at a time and there is so much more to learn.


  12. Bedros Keuilian says:

    Hey y’all thanks for the props! And Yanik thanks for giving me the oppertunity to give back. You’ve helped my business a ton over the years.

    – Bedros

  13. Brian Devlin says:


    I am a happy customer of Brain in a Box and love all you have taught me. You always over deliver and get the best info out there. Bedros, great content man. Im coming to the next Underground! :)

    Brian Devlin

  14. Shane says:

    Bedros – I’ve never seen you in the IM world, but I’m glad I stuck around for the 29mins.

    When watching online marketing videos, I figure if I get 1 new idea then it’s worth it.

    Well, I watched your video 2x, took a few pages of notes and will no doubt buy some of your stuff (even though I am not a personal trainer) because I believe it will help my niche immensely).

    Big take away- Not on my 5% (I may start at 10%. then move to 5%).

    Awesome video,


  15. Dapo says:

    Holy Shit, Bedros and his team are super-smart! I quickly got in tune with his Keuilian method for leveraging time and his Triple Stack Methodology OMG! simple but freaking brilliant concept, monetising every. single. step in the sales funnel. Its the same billion-dollar sales strategy KFC and MacDonalds use everyday on us.

    I think ive found another mentor lol

  16. Michele Higa says:

    How much will it cost?? Thank You!! mh 06/14/2010.

    • admin says:

      Heh, Michele — do you even know what “it” is?

      Right now I’m just focusing on getting you some of the best “nuggets” from Underground 6. :-)

      I will tell you that when we do decide to sell “it”, we’ll be giving fast-movers a huge discount . . .

      For now, just sit back and enjoy the awesome content coming your way — there’s an extraordinary potential for growth by just applying what I’m giving you for free!


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