Underground 6 DVDs For Free?

We have selected the contest winner!

Before announcing who the winner is, though, I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking entries. What a dynamic group of people you are! You don’t have to win a contest to be a “winner” — I’m sure there will be many of you who take the bull by the horns and APPLY the lessons you learn from the Underground presentations — changing your life and the lives of those around you!

If you didn’t win the recordings, don’t be discouraged, because we’re going to be offering them at a huge discount later this week — look for details on Wednesday.

Now, our winner is . . .

Kevin DaSilva!

As our winner, Kevin will receive the set of Underground 6 DVDs, Audio CDs and printed manuals, all shipped to him absolutely free. Congratulations Kevin!

(Kevin, we’ll be contacting you via email to get your shipping address . . .)

No video today, BUT I’m going to tell you how you can WIN the DVD recordings of the entire Underground® 6 seminar.

In fact, you’ll get 6 DVDs, 6 Audio CD (in case you want to listen in the car), and the same printed manuals that were given to all the attendees.

Here’s what I want you to do . . .

In the comments to this post (click this link), I want you to tell me two things:

First, I want you to tell me the biggest “Aha!” moment or takeaway you got from the excerpts I’ve been sharing with you this week, and tell me how you’re going to apply that in your business.

Second, would you please share the vision you have of what you will DO with the knowledge you get from your Underground recordings?

You’re going to have access to some incredibly powerful strategies and techniques — how will you maximize your return? How will you use this amazing knowledge to benefit not just yourself, but the people who are around you, and society as a whole?

I really want you to have a clear vision of WHAT you’re going to do with this new knowledge when you get it — because I know if you take the time to develop that vision, you’re much more likely to actually ACCOMPLISH something amazing!

My staff and I will review all the comments to this post (contest entries) and will select the winner early next week.

Go ahead and click this link to get started (you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page for the comment section).

I’m looking forward to your response!


P.S. In case you need to review the videos again, here are the links:

System for 6 Figures A Year

Growing Exponentially And Dominating Your Market

Underground Marketing Resources

57 Responses to “Underground 6 DVDs For Free?”

  1. Nikki says:


    I would first like to thank you for this KILLER content, and as most good marketing does–this spoke straight to me at the time I needed it!

    You see, I had a hunch about some of the things i needed to do to have a fruitful presence on the internet. Like having WP Real Estate, and creating a front and backend product. And literally, stumbled upon your e-mail, and watched two of the videos while ordering my hosting to set up a blog!

    And let me tell you—there was no single AHA moment to be had! Every single “hunch” I had was validated and it was like getting Lasik and seeing 20/20 after months of walking around completely blind!

    You see, I’ve quietly been studying the sites of the “gurus” I’ve grown to admire (you included) to apply to an offline business model that I was finding difficult to break down the processes to make sense on the internet.

    In the meanwhile, while studying other product/business models to apply to that business (about a month ago), an INCREDIBLE Life-changing product opportunity fell in my lap that I could NOT ignore and I just KNEW that this was my shot! I figured I could easily plug in this product in to the red hot niche models I’ve learned about and begin helping people and make money on and offline if I did this right.

    Easier said than done! But I knew I needed to start somewhere, like a blog…..Then, thank goodness, I found your videos…..It was like sitting around with a Rubic’s cube for months, and then someone takes it out of your hands and before your very eyes, watch that someone put all of the colors together in seconds!….AHA!..AHA!!

    I knew I had great ideas, I just wasn’t sure how to implement them all and wasn’t sure how to put the processes in the right places. This GIFT you gave literally made me stretch my imagination to places of what is bound to be lucrative creativity!

    I immediately began wrapping my mind around applying almost every one of the ideas to my products and business model….

    You see, this product is an MLM product—-I’ve always shyed away from these type of “opportunities”–I can’t stand the idea of stalking all my friends and family even if this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then the idea of building a team of non-salesmen and guiding them to greatness just didn’t appeal to me (because you end up physically chasing people to manage them to greatness).

    But I knew that this product and this opportunity would do just that—guide people and myself to greatness—and who doesn’t want to do that?!

    Although the product itself is pretty easy to convey, the “opportunity” hasn’t been as easy as I’d like it to be. You see, the companies give you the same old tired, played out ways of attracting people to the business and tell you that it is duplicatable and repeatable—true, but why continue to duplicate and repeat these tired practices—-so many people start out enthusiastic, but you need more— and I knew this…just didn’t clearly see how to extend MORE than the company does to build a solid team and attract quality partners.

    Voila! There you were…just the information you shared here alone will direct me to a path of success…even if I have to stumble a bit in the process. So many takeways…..
    *How to Sell the Physical products
    *How to fully monetize every process for multiiple streams of income
    *How to repurpose other people’s content to drive traffic (which I simply had no clue of how to do effectively)
    *How to create continuity
    *Licensing opportunities
    *Build a Business in A Box
    *”Done for You” Leveraging
    *How to make the most and best of my time
    *How to effectively build my Brand
    *…and sooooo much more

    I can see how I can immediately apply so much of what I picked up!

    *I see now–what to actually DO with my blog (now blogs)
    *I’ve spent the weekend breaking everything down to process maps to apply this immediately
    *I can clearly see how I can not only splly this to my business, but how I can teach others the process to help them become successful as well (and sell that knowledge as a product)
    * Although, I’m not an expert yet, I can see how to position myself very quickly to establish myself as one and utilize the other people around me to expedite that
    * I can now clearly see how to apply this to my original business model and quickly build that one up as well.

    I am SOOOOO excited moving forward–just with the little information you’ve so graciously provided to us!

    I’ve shared with you that I’ve been quietly studying internet and direct response marketing for a few months now… and because I lack a whole lot of financial resources..I’ve been purchasing a few ebooks here and there and soaking up all the FREE I can get!

    I’ve progressed a little, but I’ve promised myself that once I start pulling in some money, I would totally dedicate and repurpose some of that income directly to my education—which in my opinion has already surpassed everything I’ve learned in college!

    I’ve pledged to make sure that I spend my money with gurus like you and a couple of others who have made a real difference with the valuable information you provide to those of us on the quest for greatness.

    With that said, I want to be able apply this knowledge and empower others–just like you have for me–because I do, already, feel empowered….

    Confident that I will be able to help change the world in how we “treat” ourselves with my physical product…confident that I can put the tools that I’ve learned to effectively pass this on to others to help their lives and businesses–confident that I can truly help make a difference in people’s lives, physically and financially–and confident that I will be able to do this for myself.

    I’m pretty sure that I probably will not be able to afford such a killer product out of the gate…..but I do look forward to coming back to you at some point and sharing with you my amazing Testimony about “How I went from $0 to 6/7 figure earner in 14 months and Helped 5 Others Do The Same” (gotta work on that headline…)

    I’ve already envisioned Yanik interviewing me for one of his products that help others..lol…But if nothing else I would like you to be to check out my site once it’s finished (doing it myself because I can’t afford to outsource it all) and get some feedback. I’m confident that I’ll already be ahead of the game with the FREE information you guys have already shared….

    And for THAT I want to let you know how much I apprciate that! Thank You…

    And if you do pick me—-KNOW that this will NOT be turned to collect dust in the corner—I WILL be your next success story—-look for me in the near future__I’m comin’!!!!!

    Already Faithfully Yours,


  2. 1. My biggest aha moment was when I realized that I should outsource more functions in order to spend time doing what I really enjoy! It seems like a small lesson, but is actually quite powerful.

    2. I want to take these learnings and grow my business in order to expand. I want to use these tools to expand my knowledge of marketing.

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Yanik,

    Thanks for the access to these phenomenal videos! They make creating a solid and clear vision very easy!

    The biggest “Aha!” moment or takeaway I got from the excerpts you have been sharing with us this week, is making three more offers to the customer for ad-ons before they finally checkout.

    I just assumed people would get mad, BUT that is not the case at all! The stats are high enough to see they will get some sort of add-on and it totally makes it worth it to try.

    How I am going to apply the knowledge I acquired to my business is very simple… have a maximum of three chances to sell more quality product before the client checks out.

    The vision I have of what I will DO with this knowledge that has been bestowed on me via Underground recordings is a big one.

    My business is Plus Size Women… how to sell to them, how to dress them (covering everything from bra fittings and where to get them to what suits different body shapes), and how to address their needs. My vision includes making my business a brand that is synonymous with fashion advice, how-to`s, and where-to`s. I am going to create extra product from existing product, like make my e-book into an audio and a video. I also found inspiration in the videos for taking all my material changing a few words and marketing it to different targets such as men and women.

    I think everyone has the right feel beautiful and good about themselves and although it seems materialistic, clothes help with this. I want the world to feel gorgeous, one man/women at a time, regardless of their size. This can help to build confidence, even if it is from the outside in.

    It will bring an amazing feeling to me to know that I can make money and sell people an honest product that will help people with their self-esteem.


  4. Dawn Ramari says:

    Hi Yanik,

    I just happened to watch Vishen’s video today as I was mapping out my next move for the blogsite I am building…How heaven sent!

    I completed the offline aspect of my cancer series (it won NCI awards), but had no earthly idea how to effectively reach people with cancer and their families, online, and grow a sizable list quickly. It’s the kind of “niche” that no Internet Marketer seemed to want to talk about in presentations or discuss with me.

    I went to your 2009 event and thought it was the best Internet Marketing event I’d ever been too. Then, was not able to make this year’s conference because of this damn disease. It’s so insidious in so many ways, but I’m going to win.

    Anyway… Now I have a blueprint!

    #1 So, my big “aha” from Vishen’s talk (BTW: the others were great too, but this hit the mark for me) was the offering of free bite sized and valuable information so they get some immediate gratification, and enticing them to get more by offering it for free in exchange for referrals.

    BTW: This kicks in that whole feeling of indebtedness in your online readership and so your conversion to paid content would be higher too, as he mentioned.

    Why didn’t I think of this! Brilliant (I was going to give away a “sampler” but this is miles ahead of where I was thinking)

    Plus, the incentive to get more free content also builds your list faster. It’s like filing up at the pump and getting an extra tank of gas!

    #2 What will I do if I had the entire set of CDs?

    First, I’d listen and take notes as I have for every video here. Then, to the side make my own customized version of his techniques. Order the steps in sequence, detailing every task… and make a critical path map, with deadlines for each step.

    As I am now just having my wordpress site built, I can follow Vishon’s example and make a blueprint to grow my own business.

    After all, he gives up 7 steps… actually 8 steps if you catch the piece where he says that after you become a publisher representing a few top experts in your niche, you have the “credibility pull” to then build an army of affiliates for “your own product”, created by “your” authors, of course…

    Can you spell “Smart Button”.

    Lastly, I’ll report back to you each month, if you like or have time to read.

    In short, this strategy is absolutely brilliant. I am now beginning to better understand how to integrate my niche with Internet Marketing strategies I am learning.

    These insights are sooo appreciated, Yanik! Thanks for your generosity.

    Best in All Ways,

  5. Brandon says:

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Like a lot of the great comments above, Bedros really rocked it out!! I am a fitness geek (though not in the industry) and he really struck a cord with me.

    My biggest take-aways were:

    *Anyone can do this if they have a system and follow it with determination.

    *Finding the right niche is key

    *Drilling down and going deep in the Niche is where much of the profits are, as well as systematizing the sales funnel

    What would I do with the Info if I was “The Chosen One” to come away with the Underground Set?

    It was very good timing that I came across this info when I did. I have recently been very unhappy with myself and my circumstances of how I am currently living.

    Though I am self employed, I just hired myself into a job as Michael Gerber put it in his book The E-Myth.

    Though I enjoy working hard, I can stand the business I am in and derive no fulfillment from it and I know I can do better.

    I want to give more to other’s with money yes, but more importantly my time. I want to give myself that gift to.

    I am tired of letting myself being taken advantage of and not being what I was created to be.

    I have a fire lit under me right now and I WILL make this work with or without this course! (But of course I want it;)

    So again what will I do with this stuff?!?

    Massive Action
    Massive Life Changing Action
    For myself and others
    I deserve that gift, and so do those around me on this little planet called earth.

    I was blown away from the content thus far so thanks!


  6. Rajesh Setty says:

    From Underground to UpliftMyCareer.com

    Hi Yanik,

    I had heard about the Underground event for a long time but had not taken the time to look at it in detail.

    I had an opportunity to listen to Vishen’s talk and was amazed with how much knowledge Vishen had to share in that short presentation. The “Big Aha” moment was Vishen’s idea of growing his list while adding value – almost getting the list to work and grow by itself. That is golden.

    How I will use it:

    We are working on a project called UpliftMyCareer.com. The goal of the project is simple – help end unemployment in the technology sector. Every month tens of thousands of technology professionals that are losing jobs – the reasons are many but the facts remain – we are bleeding there.

    Yes, this project is not going to make millions of dollars for us but it might get a few ten thousand unemployed people get jobs. That would mean the world to us.

    We will already be using some of the learnings from Vishen’s video (Thanks Vishen) into the project. So we have already won in a way :)

    I wish everyone the very best and it is touching to read all the responses.

    Thanks Yanik for everything.


  7. paul says:

    Hi Yanik,

    Thank you for putting up this contest and hopefully everyone can learn from them and be a winner instead of the winner of the dvd series.

    From the videos, the big take away for everyone should be that keep it simple.
    1)Take your idea to solve a simple problem and execute to see if you get the results, if its not working move on.
    2)Susan Hill idea of going out and talking to people in person instead of over the web should be a easy one.
    3)What ever you do, have fun doing it like Yanik would say.
    4)Balance your life with everything to go into the flow like Vishen has stated.
    5)Bedros rule of being smart in one thing while getting other smart people around you will do magic.

    All these things are very simple to do. People just make it harder for themselves and start over thinking. Go back to middle school and remember your teacher’s comments about the KISS principle. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID and use it for not just your business but for everything else in your life.

    Thx and good luck to everyone.


  8. Kevin knox says:

    I learned that I’ll have to throw away my ‘Easy’ button. Doing so will revolutionize my mindset. Thinking this would be easy has allowed me to get lazy and sloppy. Now I know that I’ll have to make some sacrifices to get this accomplished—but the payoff will be worth it.
    I love the ‘after the sell’ ideas. There is so much money available after the initial sell that is left on the table. It’s time to set up the ‘up sells and down sell’ process.

  9. Vincent says:

    WHAT I LIKED (but not only)
    I really loved Bedros Keuilian, he has such a direct approach. I loved the idea of offering a 19.95$ membership when people try to cancel their mailed membership.
    I can’t believe it! Vishen Lakhiani actually worked with Burt Goldman, who was a student of a Yoga teacher who is part of my same tradition! I loved to see what is behind his work!!! (and through his strategy is how I bought the product)
    I really thought, yeah this direct response marketing could probably work for me too! And it has been applied in my niche.

    Even though I am Italian, I live in Thailand. My business was created to help people live better uniting the spiritual principles of Yoga and life coaching. It is based on authentic traditions of Yoga and modern techniques for the mind. It is highly beneficial for people and it is service oriented.
    I understand the value this could have for developing my business….I would use these techniques to make these teachings available to as much people as possible.
    I have been in Yanik’s email for some time now…. I would really love to implement these techniques in my new-born business.

  10. I;m going to a lot of what VISHEN had to say … Would like to learn more about his employee benefits. Saw some on his website.

    In fact, all of the videos has helped to certain degrees. I will be incorporating many of the techniques in my Top-Secret Boss free and OPEN SOURCE program.

    Again, Thanks!

    Leslie Robert Wolfe, CBA
    Commissioner, Chamber of Commerce Network

  11. Anna says:

    Hi Yanik,

    I want to first thank you for this excellent series.

    Okay, here are my answers:

    1) There have been many “aha moments” in these presentations. This has been without a doubt, one of the best put together series that I have seen to date.

    The most impressive aha moment for me has been – first that I was fortunate enough to catch Susan Hill’s presentation before it was pulled and – second when she was talking about not only her “offline” techniques but her “niche of a niche of a niche”.

    There has been much talk about taking your business offline, but it has all centered around approaching local businesses. Susan’s methods got me and they seem to be right on target.

    2) What I will do with the knowledge…

    I have already started putting together a step-by-step template to use in implementing these steps into my business practices. There were so many good ideas here that I felt a template is necessary to be sure that I haven’t left anything out!

    This truly has me focused and overflowing with new ideas and direction…. again, THANK YOU!!

    3) I will maximize my return by adding to and following each step in the template which already involves step from each of the presentations. Creating, possibly a unique blend of the ideas and techniques that will certainly boost my business beyond anything that I had ever imagined.

    As to “giving back” and benefiting society as a whole… Already I spend my time, energy and money taking care of those around me. My goal is to broaden this and work with struggling young parents. Helping them to realize their dream of being independent and supporting their own families.

    Then there are the elderly. Those that are currently doomed to trying to live off the little that social security allows them. Teaching this group how to truly share their knowledge and passions with the world – can you imagine?

    Each of these groups has much to offer and it will be great a benefit to us all to have them actively supporting themselves and those around them.

    My charities are anything that I can find that involves a food program. We have so many people struggling to make it through the day. These programs (such as Feed the Children, Food for the Poor, etc) are out there every day doing what they can for as many as they can. They do amazing things.

    Having had several grandchildren that were preemies, and having lost one to Cancer, I also support the Ronald McDonald Houses. When families are going through the toughest times in their lives, the Ronald McDonald Houses are there working to provide them with clean, safe, low-cost housing while they are many miles from home with their children. They take cash donations as well as the tabs from soda cans. I have everyone around me saving the tabs. This step doesn’t cost them a cent and they get to something to help families in crisis.

    Sorry, that got to be long winded. I did warn you though that I already spend my time, energy and money supporting those around me.

  12. Hey Yanik,

    Whats up? First off, let me just thank you sincerely for sharing these
    awesome people and their awesome content!


    I left a comment and expressed my sincere gratitude on that post and now I will share what what takeaways and I plan on doing with that info!

    Quick Sidenote:: One more thing, I would love nothing more than to win BUT I truly do feel we (every single one of us who TAKES ACTION on what we have just learned) have all won already

    OK so here’s the deal…

    My Biggest Takeaways from Bedros were…

    Honestly, there are to many to list BUT I will narrow it down to the Biggest and expand as you asked for!

    Ok so I am really into a market that is EXPLODING RIGHT NOW and have been researching and testing for 6 months now and will soon be launching a product that I believe will easily KILL IT!

    Now I also had some thoughts the other day about starting a _________ Consulting Company!

    After listening to Bedros my 1st TAKEAWAY was I realized I would be a FOOL not do have a Consulting/Coaching Program with all the knowledge i have because instead of just having a $997 product I could be making that EVERY MONTH with a Coaching Program!

    BUT it goes much deeper. Obviously, there is only so many people I could help myself.

    Another takeaway was his Concept of making… “Done For You Products”

    So I started think about what he said about Outsourcing and the 95/5 Rule YET ANOTHER TAKEAWAY and then came up with an idea where we could create products & services that would automate some of the most frustrating problems faced everyday and this would result in MORE BACKENDS & MORE M.F.M (Mother “Truckin” Money) while at the same time GIVING ALL MY CLIENTS AN EASIER ROAD TO SUCCESS!


    The ______ Coaching Company I create & that I know I can make successful within 3-6 months… Using Bedros technique of “Licensing Out His Biz Name, Biz Model & etc… IS ABSOLUTE GENIUS!

    Basically, all I need in this market will be 3-5 clients to be making over 5 Figures… I will offer “Done For Your Services”… ONCE AGAIN which will net in Double of Income EASY!


    So I literally went from planning on just selling a course for $997-1997 too…

    Selling My Course & Offering as a backend…

    * Coaching
    * Having A Software Created to Sell That Will Automate Their Processes & SAVE THEM A TON OF TIME!
    * Offering Services Where “WE DO IT FOR THEM” (which I will outsource)


    I will start a Consulting Company on my General Topic and get 3-5 clients and build it while testing landing pages and so on..

    Then I will create another product on…

    * How I did… Business In A box
    * Coaching/Consulting
    * License Out The Name & Materials, etc… For $497-997 a Month

    So literally i went from selling a course w/ maybe Monthly Updates as a Continuity to having a SOLID BUSINESS PLAN that I WILL EAT UP!

    And the best part is that all the proof and results I have and will be attaining from my courses along with my students… WILL FEED THE MONSTER FOR LAUNCHING THE CONSULTING COMPANY AND THE BRAND I AM BUILDING Creditability INSTANTLY WILL BE PASSED ON TO THIS VENTURE!

    So basically it will require NOT THAT MUCH WORK, which I love anyway, but just this plan, some good outsourcers and 3-5 clients which I could get right now by sending a single update/email to my audience!

    And the FINAL TAKEAWAY (well that I will talk about anyway) was the processes & funnels he shared and also the way to avoid getting cancelations… WHICH IS JUST SICK!

    Yanik & anyone reading this…

    I sincerely believe that this can be applied to any market that you are able to sell information products in and that it is SO UNBELIEVABLY POWERFUL!

    I literally spent over 3 hours (missing part of the Lakers vs. Celtics Game 7 & I am from New England) creating a process map, laying out the results I would need for each to be consider a success so that this Products, Coaching & Consulting Companies would have their proof. And also all my assets such as Big Names in the industry are ready to promote me as an Affiliate, my Case Studies and all!

    I cant thank you enough Yanik and I have already hit up Bedros on Facebook to thank him!

    You guys rock and I have never wanted in on something as I now want in on the Underground! Ahh the power of the freeline huh?

    Thanks Guys,
    Kevin DaSilva

    P.S. Anyone who hasn’t watched that video… DO SO NOW & I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL FIND AT LEAST ANOTHER 5 FIGURES THAT CAN BE ADDED TO YOUR BUSINESS TOMORROW! And now I am on to the other videos… CAN’T WAIT!

    • Hey Guys,

      As if I hadn’t said enough already I just had to mention something I think is Profound.

      I have Bob Serling’s Million Dollar Licensing BUT never thought about this concept of letting them use your Biz Name, Biz Materials, tc which is a TRUE WIN-WIN because..


      * They get a Turnkey Operation that again, depending on what market could be making 5 figures a month with 5-15 clients (NEVER MIND if you teach them the WE DO IT FOR YOU Services idea)

      * They get the INSTANT CREDITABILITY that come with your brand

      * They get all the Marketing Materials and Coaching from you

      * And so much more

      AND FOR YOU…

      * HUGE Monthly Income

      * The JOY of Helping Out Other Entrepreneurs which is PRICELESS


      * It EASILY SCALABLE to unbelievable levels

      * Can Be Sold Down The Road For A Huge Chunk of Change Giving You An Out (if your someone who wants something with an out)

      I could go on and on BUT I will leave room for others…


      Later Guys,

  13. Michael says:

    Some awesome information in the video posts.

    One of the biggest aha moment for me was what, Bedros, said about the 5% / 95% rule he use for dominating and delegating.

    The vision I see for myself is as follows:

    I will look to model my business in a more turnkey done for you fashion allowing for much greater stick rates. The ultimate vision in this goal is to cut the time down dramatically for achieving the end results.

    I believe the resources shared by Andrew will greatly assist me in accomplishing the ultimate vision.


  14. Tamayo says:

    Yanik, Thanks a million for making these golden nuggets available, just so much that we all can take away that will have immediate impact in our business.

    Aha Moments: For me there many but must say that the Keuilian method from business model flow where you a business can be on complete automation to the 95%-5% law. This is so huge. I for sure will not EVER deviate from my 5% ever again no matter what!

    Vision: You know I have not made a dime YET online but see a tidal wave of success coming my way. Initially my focus was just to make a ton of money. But the real benefits is what its going to allow me to do. 1.Freedom 2. The ability & resources to really make a difference in other peoples life 3. leaving a legacy that will impact others long after I’m gone.

    Thanks again Yanik!

  15. Doug says:

    1) Biggest Aha. After listening to Andrew Locke talk about the resources available on the internet I realized I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The are websites and businesses out there to help me grow my internet business. An example is the reporterconnection website. This site is a great way to get connected to news media that need my expertise. The other resources are just as valuable for growing my business.

    2) Vison of what to do with the knowledge: To first plan my website and products to be coherent in concept and presentation. (Website usability testing can assist in producing the website.) Then start getting connected with the media. Other places for generating traffic will be used as well. First step – get started.

    Thanks for sharing the great videos.

  16. Michelle says:

    First of all, thank you so much for posting the videos online! Now that I have the basics down for my website, I was wondering where to go with it and how to best monetize it.

    I have been on your email list for a while, and have to admit, I was at a place where the information wasn’t what I needed at the time. For some reason, I clicked your link and… AHA! Vishen was spelling out exactly what I am looking for. I have chosen the Blog model for my business because it provides a way for me to connect with my audience and disseminate good content. Only problem is, aside from affiliate programs, how do I really get this thing rolling? How do I get people there quickly and how do I get them to commit to a longer relationship. Also, how do I do it without spending a ton of money on ads? His Bloodhound Model is awesome! I plan on incorporating the articles and videos and link back to the original publishers in order to gain credibility in my market.

    I am currently working in a shrinking industry, and many others have not been as fortunate as I. With the Underground Recordings I really hope to automate my site and eventually replace my current income (more would be nice too). From what I can tell, the Underground Recordings provide that final ingredient that I, and many others, are missing from the information that is currently availble from the internet. I am ready to really move my website to the next level and incorporate truly functional systems.

    By having the information necessary to move my website to the next level, I hope that I can increase my readers awareness of what they can do, especially with “small spaces,” to improve themselves and the world around them.

    Thank you,


  17. Hi Yanik

    A bunch of a-ha’s conspicuously stand out. One of them was to be renegade – breaking the rules to stand out. The other was to make a difference in someone’s life every day – no matter what. That is the only way to leave behind a legacy and be successful – while we are still here.

    Coming to the vision part of it – making a difference – is what it’s boiling down to. Pretty much inline with your personal Maverick 1 Million philosophy and vision.

    Looking forward to the UG6 stuff :)


  18. Rick Hubbard says:

    I’m just starting an internet consulting business. There were two big aha moments for me.

    The first was the information on how to dominate a niche by getting one that is small enough so that you can become the publisher of the leaders in that field. Finding that niche is the question.

    The second was in the video that was pulled down. I watched about half of it. The method for creating back links, and the methodology for getting through to the decision makers in a company were both good.

    I’m a curriculum designer in a university so I have the technical and writing skills. The issue is finding the right niche and then systematizing the tools to do the work.

    Thanks Yanik.

  19. Nick says:

    1. The biggest “Aha!” moment I had from your teachings is to stop chasing “where the data” says the money is and focus on quality sub niches that I actually enjoy writing about. Albeit, research is important, but getting lost in high quality, unique content, is a better place to be than getting lost in the research. I am going to apply this information by building a solid framework of unique content, focusing on VALUE to micro niches rather than trying to capture the masses.

    2. The vision I have from the knowledge I will receive from the Underground recordings is to apply a more “human being” approach to my internet marketing business. I want to use the information found in the underground training to get more in touch with my user base. I want to be able to find new ways to get inside their minds, learn their lingo, and deliver quality solutions tailored to exactly what they are looking for, not what “I think they are looking for.”

    The training from underground is always excellent. As a college student it is difficult to come up with the $ to attend, but I would be a fool to miss an opportunity like this.


  20. Ricardo says:

    There is very good comments on this page. Anyway this my aha moment:

    Outsourcing as much as possible and focus on your skills only. I should count how many times I hear the word outsource.
    Keep it dead simple. (Great free resources are everywhere )
    Provide Value all the time and over deliver
    Do not be scare to sell many options (membership, events etc)
    Go outside the box and ask

    I’m not sure exactly what I will do but one thing is sure, I want to give value and over deliver to make sure everyone say thank you Ricardo you really help me with a smile.

    Money is cool (yes I love money) but deliver happiness is the best thing. That is my ultimate goal.

    Every speaker has this one thing in common, beside money, they were so happy to share their knowledge and help everyone in the room. I want to emulate that feeling of joy.

  21. Aha Moments watching the videos…
    I had ideas storming through my head as I was listening to Andrew Locke give out the site design and split testing resources. I’m an analytics NUT! I’ll use this to do all the research for any new offline niche I want to target. I’l then take what I recieve in responses to prebuild a website package ready to go to help further presell to any business in that niche. I’ll be able to provide sameday upload. People love NOW don’t they?

    Reason is, I’ll commit to paying for honest unbiased opinons of others for their usability opinions, suggestions or comments on various websites in that particular niche. Asking them various questions such as, what would make it better, anything distracting, does it hold a professional appeal, would you trust them enough to call or hire them solely based on web presence, etc. ? There’s nothing better than having a detailed opinion and a separate perspective from your own. It’ll always be different in some way. We all interpret the things we see, hear and do differently from the next person. This type of individualistic approach for opinions helps obtain people’s TRUE thoughts without worry of bias.

    With this research I’ll be able to prebuild a complete website package for that niche’s business to market and sell to them. As long as I sell it for more than I spent to research and have the site built, I’m in the BLACK right? Who says I can’t find a lateral city in another state across 50 states to sell it too OVER and OVER. You see why I’m excited now?

    Afterthought: Doesn’t this also give us Market Research to present to help FURTHER sell the client that your customers want this kind of site? Hmmm….

    What I’ll do with the recording and tapes…
    I’ll use every bit of gained knowledge that’s applicable to my business. The general idea it seems is we’re all to succeed, I didn’t see where you wrote that you were out to get me. If it’s valuable, it’ll be used.

    I’m so thankful I got in to the business of helping small businesses in various cities get a step up on the Internet. By providing site desing and an affordable, worthy marketing package to build exposure for them it’s been rewarding and confidence boosting at the same time.

    I have many friends who have a technical background with the desire and the ability to take what I show them and apply it. I want to slowly build from me to a team whose focus is to help better ourselves through helping others, their personal or family owned business and help navigate them through the tough times the economy’s facing right now. We’ll boost our society as a whole.

    I can’t forget I want to give back. I do this on the side and do IT for a school system on the rougher side of town. I want so much to help give in a way to motivate and push them in the directions of their dreams and hobbies instead of distractions that’ll bring them down.

    This is a larger view and I know it won’t be tomorrow next week or next month but keeping at it has gotten me this far and my dream will get here. I surround myself with right people and I’ve been doing well ever since.

    WHEW. And I thought I couldn’t write a sufficiently descriptive answer. I still surprise myself. Thanks for all of the videos this week. I was trying to rewatch a part of sue’s presentation when the video went down, a little annoyed but still got 95% of it. Thanks again.

    -Morgan E.

  22. Jules Nilsen says:

    To be honest the biggest aha was not the marketing tips but actually was Vishen story and struggles, he had everyone reason to quit and give up(living on a couch, getting fired a week after getting married also is mistreatment in us thinking he’s a terrorist). I’ve had my own struggles but, this guy is a huge inspiration….

    1) What will i do, I already have some specialized knowledge in a niche that I’m qualified for. I’ll a 1 million dollar business within a year… no more excuses is what I learned from Vishen

  23. Shawn Horwood says:

    The biggest aha moment I had was that I need to differentiate myself and take over my niche. I’ve been sort of doing the same thing as others in my niche, and there really isn’t all that much separating me from the other people I’m competing against. So I am now working on setting myself apart and doing things differently, in a way that reflects who I am and makes me stand out from everyone else. I’m changing the way I write emails so it sounds less like a marketer and more like me, like I am talking to them in person & I’m working on just bringing me out in everything I do.

    Here’s the short form of my vision: I want some more freedom for myself & my family & I want to share with everyone everything I’ve been blessed with.

    And here’s the long form:

    First, I’m obviously going to go through all the materials. I’ll go through it a bit each day, taking extensive notes and taking some sort of action on each thing I learn.

    I will focus on applying what I’ve learned and then move onto the next thing, rather than trying to do everything at once. I will make goals and work my butt off to achieve them in less time than I set. I know if I put my mind to it and work hard I can make amazing things happen.

    I will get help from anyone I need help from and invest where investment is necessary. I will let nothing stand in my way or keep me from using the information and expanding my business exponentially while helping others.

    I will obviously enjoy more freedom & more time to spend with friends and family, and I will have no worries about money to keep me from doing my best & enjoying life.

    I will also be able to help my parents out and support them as they are not doing all that well right now. I want to support my sister in her dream to build orphanages in Mexico & my other sister in her dream to work with children and aid those who are less fortunate.

    I also want to give back. I want to get to the point where I can comfortably give 50% or more of my income to charities and organizations that help those less fortunate. I am happy with what I have now, and when I’ve been blessed I want to bless others and let them share in my wealth (not just money wealth, but all types of wealth).

    I think the best part of my vision is all the people whose lives I will be able to change. I work in the fitness niche, teaching people all sorts of things about many aspects of fitness – though mainly focusing on losing weight.

    I am good at teaching things in a way that is different from what other people do, and because I have a true desire to change lives, what I teach actually benefits people unlike 90% of the junk taught about fitness.

    With the strategies I will be using from Underground 6 seminar I will be able to get my message out to more people. I will be able to better relate to my audience and better understand their needs, and therefore fulfill their needs.

    My goal is to steer people away from the things that waste their time and money and enable them to get in better shape than they ever have and live healthier, more productive & less stressful lives.

    I want change 10,000,000 lives by my 25th birthday (I turn 20 on August 17) & help 10,000,000 people achieve things they never thought possible.

    Honestly, right now I am happy with everything I have. I’d like a little more cash flow to make life a little more comfortable, but I don’t need tons of money. I just want to change lives. (But I won’t lie, extra money is always nice)

    Every time I receive an email from someone telling me how I’ve helped them I get so excited and it gives me great joy. I’d trade all the money in the world to have that feeling constantly, and with everything I will learn from the Underground Seminar, I will be able to reach more people & change more lives and I’ll have that feeling 24/7.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for releasing these video exerpts to learn from & thank you for all you’ve taught me & others.


    • Mike says:


      Just wanted to take a moment and say I wish you the Greatest Success with your dreams and ambitions!

      If you pursue your goals with even 40% of the passion I read in your words… there is no doubt at all that you will achieve everything that’s important to you.

      What mainly caught my attention was:

      * Have the right mindset AND work hard (most people don’t think about the 2nd part and it’s the most important – Ideas without Action will get you Zero… Action without Ideas will at least produce Something to build from)

      * Desire to give a % of your money away (Jim Rohn said even if you can start with 1% and grow from there… then start with 1% – it’s not the amount – it’s the action of actually doing it)

      * Desire to help your parents (I have a lot of respect for you for this worthy purpose… my priorities are God, Family and Me – where “family” doesn’t necessarily mean biological)

      * Understanding that you implement one idea at a time (so many people chase the bright shiny object – glad you have your shades on)

      Thanks for taking the time to share your vision with us, Shawn. I hope everyone who posts a comment will take time to read yours – maybe they will be inspired with a sense of passion (rather than just the search for money.

      Take care and I wish you an Awesome Life!


  24. Bill J says:

    I just took a class on setting up a website using WordPress, and I am taking baby steps (funny for a 64-yr-old man).

    My aha moments came when two of the videos stopped 18 minutes into the 29 minute videos. Don’t know what caused it, but could not finish them, so did not get the full benefit out of them.

    I just want to get a website set up and start making some money from the web. I am deep in debt, my wife’s hours just got cut back, and she thinks I am wasting my time. With no funds to become a “protege”, I am scrounging for all the free help I can get.

    We attended one of the first Undergrounds in Wash DC several years ago, and enjoyed it thoroughly. That inspired me to keep trying in my efforts to narrow my focus to one particular subject.

    I must be near the tipping point, and these videos might just be the final step that is needed.

    Bill J

  25. Robertas says:

    Hi Yanik,

    First of all I just wanted to say thanks for sharing these videos with us.

    All of them were packed with some powerful and most importantly PRACTICAL ideas unlike some BS you often see in other seminars : )

    Personally I liked Bedros’ and Susan’s presentations the most (it appears that Susan’s video is now classified again)

    The biggest idea that I’ve gotten from these recordings is LEVERAGE. I dunno maybe it sounds weird, but I never thought about how far you could go to get the most amount of money out of your customers.

    I am planning to launch my first info business in a very similar market like Bedros’ (not marketing for health and fitness professionals, but a niche within the health and fitness market), and I never thought about how you could put list building, continuity and multiple upsells into one place and make everything work smoothly. (I am actually breaking down his System9 website piece by piece, sorry Bedros) :)

    From Susan’s presentation I’ve learned about how you can use other peoples knowledge and resources to get a “greater output from your input”, yet again I’ve learned how important leverage is.

    I also never thought about how choosing the right outsourcer could help you to get so much for so little. Amazing.

    Alright. Now I’ll share with you my vision :)

    As I am writing this comment I’ve got a 515 page sports science book right next to my laptop and I am revising for my upcoming final high school exams which start on the 22nd of June…

    I’ve already applied to uni, but I really don’t want to go there and my biggest goal is to get my online business up and running as soon as I possibly can.

    Personally I would love to see the full Bedros’ and Susan’s presentations, because I really think that in their presentations I’ll find the answers that I am looking for.

    Once I’ll have a business I really want help associations or even to set up one of my own which will be helping out single parents, mothers, especially those who’ve migrated to live in other countries to help them to stand up.

  26. Kyle Dammann says:

    The Bedros video was awesome! I’ve paid $1,000 or more for programs and haven’t gotten nearly the value I did from that 20 minute video. The way he monetizes his list is a no brainer, and make perfect sense!

    I am going to implement this strategy into monetizing my list.

    This information will help me share my passion and skills with more and more people. Increasing my circle of influence, and helping all involved. The increased income will simply be a bi-product.

  27. Praveen says:

    1) Vishen explaining how he leveraged himself from an affiliate to a publisher and totally dominated the niche. Also Bedros 5% and 95% time leveraging concept.

    2) I have recently come to IM to use my skills and earn more for funding my social service organization. I learnt a lot in my past 3 months and am planning to get things rolling in a big way. This recordings for sure will be of awesome help to get stuff in the right way. Will buy them as I make some progressive income.

    Thanks for conducting such great seminars.

  28. My Biggest Takeaway:

    Would be some of the resources given by Andrew Lock. But the main takeaway from what Vishen shared about dominating one main niche and then branching off and becoming the leading guru in all of those related sub niches. That was a piece of genius I can’t believe I didn’t see before!

    2nd is an enjoyable thing to write about. I love helping people and that’s why I’m here. I know you may hear that a lot from many different people, some mean it, some don’t. With the information I gain from seminars like Underground I am going to create membership websites, services, and resources that take online and offline business owners (mainly small business owners) and help them build their businesses and become successful marketers. I want to build automated systems that cut workloads in half for marketers and do most of the time consuming fluff for them. I want to create innovative revolutionary marketing techniques and businesses that help grow our technology and do things like fuel our economy because of its innovation and simplicity. I want to fill needs. …find a need and fill it. I want to help our young people, our young America grow and become entrepreneurial and decide to work for themselves and make a difference in today’s world. After all, Entrepreneurs fuel the economy!

    I could go on, but those are just some of the things I am going to do with the information I gain to help my business from this Underground seminar.

    My mindset is A++ and I know I am going to be a successful, extremely influential force in my respective industry in the very near future!

    Thank You

  29. Jacques Pineault says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to win your exiting knowledge bank.

    First, my big “Aha” came when I was watching Susan Hill’s presentation. Because there is nothing to stop her. A door is closed in front of her, she blows it apart and she gets in. She is a the foot of a steep hill. No problem. Not afraid of anything. Now she on the hill. She does not even ask question like “Can I do that?” , “Can I get there?”, “Can I use this?”, “Can I have this?”. She really has the “CAN DO SPIRIT”. And she does it so fast she has difficulty to breathe and tell us her story.

    I think she is following General Patton’s plan. He said “Better have a good plan today than a perfect plan tomorrow”.

    Putting the “can do spirit” to work for my business is what I need to do. Clear and simple.

    Second, what will I do with the knowledge from the Underground recording. Well, you see, Yanik, according to an IQ test I took few years ago, I am a “Visionary Philosopher”. Forget the IQ number, that is not important, but what can I do with visionary philosopher?

    Here is what I have done, and I believe it will be beneficial to all your attendees and all your internet contacts. And also to those like Noah and Eben and all the other people helping other people to do good business. My vision to accomplish something amazing is that I have created a new type of search engine. It should be better described as a “FIND engine” because it is doing the finding for you.

    As you know, Yanik, the world is divided into 2 groups of people. Those who have something to sell and those who have something to buy. My “find engine” allows buyers to find instantly (well, few seconds) where to find the one seller who has what they want to buy. No matter what it is. Now, this is not like Google. Google does not look for sellers. It wants to give you all the information in the world. All of it, no matter what you ask for. But it can’t do it. It’s too massive. So Google gets confused and gives you 50 millions pages of something, some good, most bad. People tell me “Yes, but it’s fast”. And I say “No, it’s not fast, now I have to look at 50 million pages”. Just after the 20th page, the information is so diluted it’s no longer reliable. The difference with my engine is that it will only give you the one seller who sells what you asked for, as long as he told my engine that he has it for sale. But, if there are many sellers, then you will have to choose, but then I give you some tools to help you in choosing.

    My “Find engine” is actually much more than just an engine. It’s a communication platform between buyers and sellers. On top of the engine, it offers a completely different advertising platform than what Google, the TV stations, the print media and the radio are offering. All to the benefits of the buyers. Its purpose is helping sellers better satisfying the needs of the buyers.

    My vision is a big one, Yanik. And it won’t stop at 6 figures. And in my plan, there are places for hundreds, even thousands of affiliates, all interested to satisfy customers in providing all products, services and information. But I don’t dream the impossible dream. I know not every sellers will join the plan. Fine, I am looking only for those who want to show us what really distinguish them from the mass. I am the visionary guy. I will put your shared knowledge to use in helping find all those action oriented people who are boiling to be part of the action.

    My engine is already built. It’s on the web. It’s like a Ferrari. I only need to put some gasoline in the tank and Vrrrrrooommmm.


  30. Neil says:

    The “AhA” moment. I feel sorry if there wasn’t at least one per video. I have four even though I only got a little under seven min w/ Susan. She AhA’ed me with the understanding it’s not how loud you pound on the door but the method with which you knock. PR PRICELESS!
    Bedros gave me the “aha” twice. 1st in your sales process, which is everything you do really, always offer an alternative to completely saying no to an offer. His 2nd “AhA” – if I ever get a chance to speak in public, leave the cursing to the parking attendant. I get colorful but…..
    Vishen gave me the “AhA” when he made clear the potential for the piece of code Kern gave away. Frank not being in the software hawking business totally threw me. Now I know how to really utilize it.
    Andrew gave me the “AhA” when he reminded me that if there is a question/problem there is most likely someone with a software solution.
    Just ask!
    What I’m going to do is apply what I’ve gotten from these to complete a project I’m doing with someone I met on a free weekend Affiliate Classroom (Anik) Webinar who has cancer and is trying generate income online. He’s 80. I’ve learned a lot and have brought him along as I have progressed. We’re close to making money.
    I will also be launching a friend online who is starting a Holistic Consulting business which is going to focus on diet/nutrition. Advances in
    understanding the body and the simple facts of battling cancer through our eating habits and how to bring awareness to the maximum possible
    public. We need to realize the shift/change in the processing of our food and how it correlates to the increase in cancer globally. That is my big deal/take away/”AhA” from these video shorts. I hope that’s what you were looking for Yanik and I hope for my friend he can receive the DVD/CD/Manuals. He can use a lift right about now. He had to move back north. Between the cancer and his age, I even have trouble keeping him bright and motivated. Thanks for the Opp. :-) Neil

    P.S. His email: bob_burger2003@yahoo.com If nothing else drop him a note. It would mean a lot. Thanks again

  31. Regina says:

    Oh, sweet! My biggest “Aha!” moment occurred during the summation of the process of Vishen Lakhiani’s Bloodhound Model. It is entirely ingenious. Simple; yet, ingenious none the less. Building an online business in such a way to create a barrier to entry while simultaneously positioning yourself to take 80% as a publisher is amazing. It is a strategy that I will implement immediately.

    The information from the Underground recordings will catapult my business from ground zero to the pinnacle of success in minimum time! As one who is a teacher at heart, sharing the benefits and promoting the people, concepts and businesses involved in this extraordinary outcome will be intrinsic and impossible to extinguish. I realize that the continued success generated over time from such an endeavor will cause even my most far reaching dreams of today to pale in comparison to those that shall enter my mind and heart as I and others accomplish more than was once ever dared imaginable.

    Thank you Yanik Silver, Vishen Lakhiani, Bedros Keuilian, Andrew Lock and others.


    Regina Meyers

  32. Lee Smith says:

    I think the Bedros video really helped me see things CLEARLY. I mean ‘clearer-than-the-windshield-on-Yanik’s-Aston-Marton’ clear.

    For one, I know Bedros’s video was just a ‘smidge’ of what’s on the Underground video. Armed with that type of knowledge, I know I can take my copywriting business to the next level.

    For one, I see I’m selling myself short. I’m not charging enough, and I’m thinking ‘short-sighted’ when it comes to continuity income. My goal for the next six months are to launch my copywriting website – with a minimum of three continuity systems in place. Possibly two offline-newsletters and ‘maybe’ a membership website. I also saw a new vision for information products also. Seeing how Bedros linked ALL his products with a continuity/coaching back-end, it really inspired me to do the same.

    Since my niche is ‘small businesses’, there are several particular products I’m thinking about specifically for small business owners as it relates to copywriting. And..of course, each copywriting project will now have a ‘royalty’ system in place. Didn’t think about it until right now…

    Now, as far as what it can do for me…

    Well, I really want a better quality of life. Less financial stress and less emotional stress because of finances. My wife just graduated with her Master’s degree, yet it’s been hard to find a job. She’s incredibly talented, but no one wants to hire. Thankfully, she found one lately but it was really stressful for a while. I’m not looking forward to that anymore. I mean, what happens if this job says, “Well, we can’t keep you on” if the economy gets worse?

    With this information, I can at least sleep better at night knowing we have money coming in we don’t have to trade time-for-dollars for. Both of our ACs are out in our cars, and we live in VEGAS!! But with the money coming in from the info on those CDs, we could at least drive comfortably in 100 degree weather…(although it’s been a mild summer so far…)

    With the recordings, I feel I’ll finally be able to connect the dots. It’s resounding in my head right now…”Get your customers into a coaching or continuity system as quick as you can.”

    I’ve already started writing details of what my continuity system will look like…and it’s not overwhelming this time. Continuity from copywriting royalties…I can finally see what that ‘actually’ looks like. I know what type of offers to present, what type of payment situation or actually what prices I can charge. And that could easily result in a nice ‘cushion’ of money my wife and I could use.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love my life. But if I could afford to take my wife on a vacation more often than not, buy a new car with AC, and actually purchase our FIRST home…man, that’ll be awesome.

    The recordings aren’t about me getting rich, per say. But for me, it’s about allowing me to see my future visions clearly for the first time…It’s about helping me take all these crazy ideas in my head and lay them out in a way where I can execute them – and reap the rewards of them.

  33. Mike says:


    Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Thanks for the Awesome free content!

    1.) AHA! Moment

    My Aha moment came while listening to Vishen talk about his implementation of “Karma points”.

    BAM… Lightbulb Moment

    His specific use won’t work for my new product “flow” but his concept is a perfect addition.

    I had a 3 step flow that went 1 (meet online client for the first time), 2 (present value to the client), 3 (ask for the sale). That’s the way I’ve been taught and that’s the way I saw the flow… until you introduced me to Vishen.

    Now I’ve redesigned my flow to postpone the instant gratification of the sale and include his Karma points concept. I know in the long-term this will incredibly expand my value and ultimately my income.

    Thanks for expanding my view!

    2.) How I Will Use Your Content

    a.) I will watch one video at a time (most likely no more than 1 per day)

    b.) I will take notes while watching (blank page for general notes and a uniform template for actionable items)

    Template Example: DVD #, Presenter, Idea, Idea Description, Idea Benefit, my implementation timeline (short-term, long-term), my products it would be useful for

    This way I could put it into a database and query it as needed.

    c.) Work on new ideas in their appropriate time

    Example: If I’m working on Product124, I’d query the database for ideas I logged that might work with Product124. Then look at the short-term ones first (low hanging fruit) and then review the long-term ones.

    Or I might be between Products at the moment in which case I would query the database for ALL short-term ideas and evaluate any updates I want to make/test with existing products.

    And, of course, as new Products are developed I would query the database for ideas to include in the new Product flow.

    d.) Best case scenario would be to capture value associated with the ideas in the database also (if possible) so I could see historically which ideas have provided the most value in my business by Product, etc

    e.) Lastly hopefully I could complete the cycle by giving info, testimonial, etc back to the presenter about the value heir idea had for my business implementation.

    Thanks again for everything!


    • Mike says:

      …just came back to the site to read the additional comments that were posted after I submitted mine and realized I forgot something in my own response.

      On STEP 2 I got so caught up and focused on telling you WHAT I would do with the Underground 6 package that I forgot to finish the response with HOW that would benefit me and others.

      By doing the steps mentioned above, I would be able to:

      1.) Build a business rather than just “income” – right now I’m good at coming up with some cash here and there as I need it but no centralized business concept. I noticed the speakers at your Underground events are more focused on “business”.

      I don’t hate my job. I’m very good at what I do. I’m an award-winning software developer with 15+ years experience and I enjoy what I do. So rather than having a “quitting” mentality I have a “growth” mentality.

      2.) Have more fun with my family. My kids are going to high school next year… only 4 more years before they leave home and start the next phase of their lives. I want the next 4 years to be the best 4 years of their life at home.

      And I want to have enough income from my business so I can help support them as they move into the world – rather than struggle from the bottom the way I did. They need to learn life lessons on their own… but I want to have a safety net their to catch them in case they need it.

      Money cannot “buy” happiness. However, it can “enhance” the happiness that already exists in our family.

      3.) Invest more in others. One example would be… every time I check out at the grocery store, etc. and they have the Donate opportunities (I know you’ve seen the Children’s Miracle Network balloons, etc.) I make sure to give something. Not just so I give… but maybe in the hopes that the person behind me in line will see me give and give something also.

      I want to be able to increase my donations and expand them into more areas – especially children’s causes. Many adults have options available to them to improve their lives but children’s lives are governed almost entirely by their guardians. These are the cases where money is not necessarily the right option. To give money to poor children would only end up going to the guardian’s wants and needs. In this situation many times it’s about investing time or other non-monetary options. My wife is a Kindergarten teacher – she loves her job but the stories she tells about those in her class each year just hurt my heart.

      4.) Leave ideas in the hands of those who can use them for the benefit of our future. In my current position in life I am an influencer. I have a positive impact on those around me. It’s a small group when you consider the size of the world. And there are no Mavens in my environment at the moment – which means my ideas will die after a handful of people who know them die off.

      Even if I wrote them in a book… if there’s not the promotional firepower… it would gather dust on a shelf or sit waiting to be downloaded on a web server somewhere.

      By growing a business I have to grow myself. By growing myself I have to step outside my introvert comfort zone and talk to many more people. By doing so I will slowly add more and more value to more and more people. As I do this my environment will grow and thus my reach (around the world and into the future) will grow.

      By touching the lives of even a few Mavens my positive ideas (the ones that really matter and have value) will continue on long after I leave this world. Either by them promoting my ideas. Or by them incorporating my ideas into their future conversations.

      I personally don’t care which. How many times has Think And Grow Rich been duplicated by others and told in a slightly different way? In fact, it’s Carnegie’s idea. Promoted through Napoleon Hill. Promoted through millions of others.

      WOW – can you imagine how proud Carnegie would be if he knew he is still inspiring people today.

      Let me give you an example of a very Crazy idea that I want to “publish” into the future… Try not to laugh… one way to commercialize space and benefit the Earth’s environment at the some time is to find ways to move polluting functions into orbit or other planets/moons. By doing so, the company will receive financial benefits and the Earth will begin to heal itself by having less pollution. PLUS… doing this would create a permanent set of “infrastructure jobs”.

      Today infrastructure jobs (like paving roads, building bridges, etc.) will end when the project ends. The people will be out of work again. With space activities that need to be supported… these jobs could never be cut because people would die. Thus the perfect storm of profit, employment and a more healthy planet.

      Sorry for the long response (and for not including it the first time).

      Take care.


  34. Michael Alan says:

    My first exposure to UGOS was the video on licensing which allowed me to go to a subject matter expert and get him as a content partner to do a product launch.

    In the latest video Growing Exponentially… the presenter talked about Kern’s Karma points, which we are definitely going to use to increase the word of mouth traction and list building.

    UGOS has grown my vision of what internet entrepreneurship has to offer. I used to sell apparel online and that was a lot of hard work. I am now creating an informational product site with my subject matter expert, have my next subject matter expert already picked out, and will start my own product launch soon.

    All three products I am working on will either help people grow their business, get back to work faster, or learn how to setup an online store and be their own boss.

    Thanks Yanik!

    Michael Alan

  35. Ana says:

    My biggest “AHA!” moment came while listening to Vishen talk about their American Monk site.

    The way they used community building as a marketing tool and the way they put a spin on the “Tell-A-Friend” model got my wheels turning. I’ve seen communities (myspace, facebook) become businesses, but this is something entirely different. And that was the “aha!” moment:

    That there are a ton of strategies that haven’t even been used yet. Business models that are still waiting to be found. The possibilities are endless.

    I’ve been going the road most travelled and building tiny affiliate niche sites and yes, I have been making money. But yesterday, I started reading “The 4-Hour Work Week” (finally), and I realized that although I’m doing okay, there’s no passion.

    And to be honest, what I’m building is not really a business, but a lot of sites. Again, I am completely grateful, but I know that there is more out there. Listening to Vishen and Bedros created a paradigm shift that Ferriss has only encouraged.

    I have this notebook with various business ideas (that I had been of unsure how to tackle) and after listening to Vishen I was flooded with solutions. I chose 2 ideas that I am particularly excited about and mapped out a business plan for each (I don’t want to go into specifics here but would be more than happy to forward copies of both to you).

    Sure, they’ll probably need to be tweaked and revised, but I have them!

    That was the result of listening to that incredible 90 minutes of content.

    No matter what, those 3 videos and a book have set me on a new course and for the first time in a long time, I can see the huge potential in front of me.

    I could say, “And when I’m making a ton more cash (and I will), I’ll donate to this charity and that…” Which would be true, since having more money enables you to donate more than just your physical presence, and that is always good.

    But I think the real way in which this knowledge has and will benefit those around me and society as a whole is this:

    Seeing Vishen and Bedros and Matthew Wadsworth and you inspire me to action. You guys make me strive to go after what I want instead of what I’ve been told I can have. I see a world of possibilities instead of a brick wall built out of limits.

    And when I get this knowledge and actually act on it, I know I’ll inspire anyone that wants more out of life to do the same (who knows, I may be one of your future agents!)

  36. John Hinds says:


    The biggest AHA moment I got from those videos was the formula for exponential growth and niche domination that Vishen outlined in his video presentation. Vishen talked about creating a blog in a small to medium-sized niche, resyndicating content, driving traffic, and building a list of qualified prospects. He also talked about doing teleseminars to promote your own products and other related products.

    I’m in the book publishing niche and I recently launched a home study course with Willie Crawford. We’ve gotten some great feedback on the program and we want to take our sales to the next level because we believe our course provides great value to aspiring authors at an affordable price.

    Although my niche is competitive, I plan on building a blog where people can come and receive valuable information on how they can become published authors, whether they have a compelling story they want to share or if they just want to author a book to serve as a valuable marketing tool to position themselves as an expert in their niche. The blog will provide its subscribers with strategies to monetize their books in other ways.

    The blog will also serve as a platform to build a list not only to sell our home study program but other valuable book publishing/promoting courses as well. I plan on interviewing other authors and experts that will help our subscribers make their dream of publishing their book a reality. In addition, the blog will help us to recruit affiliates to sell our home study course.

    The vision I have for the knowledge I gain from the Underground recordings is to use it to grow and develop a seven figure online income that will allow me to experience financial and time freedom. I would use this information to establish ongoing lead generation systems that will allow me to present my offers to qualified prospects on autopilot. I would use this information to become a known authority in my niches. I would also use this information to better assess the overall effectiveness of my campaigns/sales letters so that I can continually improve them.

    Tony Robbins talks about CANI, Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Well, I would refer to the knowledge from these recordings over and over again so that it becomes a part of who I am and I know it like I know my own name. I envision becoming a master of this material.

  37. Maryhellen says:

    “Aha!” moment… for me it was rather an “Yes! I got it” moment. Listening really successfull marketers say again and again in different flavours the success formula for anything you want to accomplish has been so encouraging for me.
    The secret success formula )as I’ve intended): vision, determination, passion, thinking out of the box, nurturing curiosity, clear mental structuring, very carefully crafting every little detail and… having fun. What I will do with this amazing (already had) knowledge is become one of the (few) wealthy ecological person (I’m vegetarian and very sensitive to environmental issues and people unhappiness and pain). Wealthy enough to build a peaceful and harmonious eco-community In Europe. And wealthy enough to hire some of my friends and other fine persons who wants live an other kind of life. Sorry for my english (I’m italian).

  38. Jerret Hammons says:

    My “aha” moment came during Vishon’s talk. It wasn’t the staggering numbers or the brand recognition. It was the common sense model. Instead of “competing” with the gurus, he started “completing” them. I love the “Robert Ebert” Effect that he alluded to. For years we have been hearing to market ourselves as celebrities in our fields. Instead, Vishon encouraged us to promote the celebrities on our terms. This could be revolutionary.

    With even the little bit of knowledge I picked up from these talks, I am putting the principles to good use. I am in the process of launching a simple church planting network. There are various books and a few celebrities in the field sharing their thoughts on what the church could be. The basic idea is to plant churches on a grassroots level by helping the homeless, sharing prayers and faith, and even something simple as lending an ear to a person who needs to talk. As a 24 year old church planter, I intend to use these principles to;

    Change the expression and understanding of Christianity in one generation.

    That is my vision. If the church could simply live its mandate from the bible, to love Jesus and love the world, then it could turn the world upside down. Not only will these marketing and business principles cause that tipping point, but by following Vishon’s model, we could raise support to fund this movement.

    Thanks guys.

    Jerret Hammons

  39. Rhys Davies says:

    Shame that I already bought them.

    Saying that, Underground Online Seminar is one of the most talked about seminars each year, so I didn’t mind sending over the money for them.

    Good luck to everyone that enters. You are going to get a ton of information for only the price of one comment. Bargain.

  40. Hey Yanik and Team,

    The big Aha moment was to get it that to have my group buy, I have
    to light up their emotions…get them to act on SOMETHING…then they
    are warmed up for other actions with emotions (such as buying…).

    After participating in Mark Joyner’s 7 Day business turn around program
    I finally understood why strategy is so important.
    It will allow me to stop running around all the time, chasing another
    opportunity each time. Instead I can follow a straight line to my goal
    using strategy.

    The thing is I still need tactics to deliver on the strategy.

    Learning your video’s – they are full of strategies I can learn from
    to build mine, and tons of tactics I can pick from.

    It is very rare for me to see 30 min lectures as you have here
    go throught so many tactics and strategies!



    The Secret Facebook Traffic Guide
    Using Full Integration with WordPress

  41. Jack Taylor says:

    Hey Yanik….absolutely fantastic information throughout but my biggest takeaway has to be Susan Hill’s presentation…im a golf pro here in Toronto just in the process of producing several digital instructional products and even though i have a background in sales im ashamed to admit that i never really thought about approaching golf associations etc as she has done….i had thought of email marketing etc but not on such a targeted rifle like approach…this concept alone should with a bit of work present amazing opportunities for my programs down the road…im looking forward to learning more about your other presenters marketing concepts as well when i can find the time as its high golf season now!…cheers and thanks for the great information …jack

  42. Bald Dog says:

    For me the biggest aha was the narrowing of the niche. I keep falling into the trap of trying to widen my niche in case I miss someone.

    The way I want to use this niche-narrowing strategy is by re-defining my perfect client profile.

    The way I intend to use this knowledge is by sharing it with my clients and students. I’m a volunteer mentor for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and also an volunteer instructor for a career development programme.

  43. Bobby Huang says:

    I had more than one take away from these presentations.

    Vishen Lakhiani presentation was amazing. The way he grew his businesses with a few tweaks and made it viral was priceless. He positioned himself as the go-to expert of products in the remote viewing niche which is something that never crossed my mind. I’m going to use Vishens strategies to grow expertise for me in certain niches. Not of the niche itself, though as a person to go to to buy it, and do it virally with free stuff and karma points.

    I didn’t realize there were so many ways to monetize my business. Bedros Keuilian showed how to retain customers by offering both a CD audio version and when a person went to cancel, a digital version. This is just mind blowing when he mentions his retention rate. With Bedros, I will use his techniques for upsells and discounts to non first buyers, and his methods of retention.

    Second, would you please share the vision you have of what you will DO with the knowledge you get from your Underground recordings?

    With the knowledge from the underground recordings, I will be using the ideas of all these presenters to leverage my business. All these recordings were about leveraging the important parts of my business and having someone else do the rest. With this knowledge in the underground recordings, I will tweak all my businesses and grow them exponentially.

    I will maximize my return by implementation, implementation, implementation. I love sharing my knowledge with other people. Everything I learn through the recordings, I’m ALREADY spreading to my mastermind groups. Whenever I see someone needing an improvement or outside view of things, I’m glad to put my input.

  44. Yanik…

    First of all….thanks for everything you do and and the value you provide to your subscribers and to this community.

    Vishan’s presentation had some killer takeaways, especially in terms of really going deep within a niche, thinking outside the box, creation of a fictional character, etc…And Andrew’s presentation was great….my partner and I will start using hatchwise and feedbackarmy TODAY.

    However, my biggest “aha” was in Bedros’ presentation…I have to delegate to dominate.

    It was just a short year ago that I was fired from a really nice 6 figure job with a Fortune 500. After drifting for a while wondering what I should do next, I subscribed to this funny little newsletter called, Maverick Business Insider. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not, but I was exposed to stuff that blew my mind. From there I was on an internet “bender”, buying Traffic Geyser, Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager course (thru your affiliate link by the way….), Ryan Deiss’s stuff, Frank’s stuff….WOW…..information overload!

    But what great information. And while all this is happening, I located a partner who was a great web designer and pretty good at social media as well. And we created a company focused on providing IM and SM solutions for small to medium sized businesses on a monthly continuity basis.

    But….as we’ve gone about acquiring clients….I’ve gotten bogged down in the minutia of these accounts. Bedros’ presentation was what I needed….I’m great at face to face sales and presenting to large groups…not the time-sucking little things.

    So…in order for us to grow like we want to grow…I have to delegate the small stuff so I can dominate the large stuff. Quite frankly, I can’t even believe I wrote this post…since technically I’m not sure it’s in my 5%…but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and what you do.

    All the Best…..

  45. Badminton says:

    First: The biggest thing I learned was the importance of going vertical. Both the 6 figures video and the dominating your market video talk a lot about going into a particular vertical and crushing it. Sounds like the easiest way to gain momentum. This also ties in with the idea of creating multiple streams of income within that vertical to take advantage of the Lifetime Customer Value.

    Second: I really like the variety of knowledge that you are providing with these Underground videos. I find a lot of it is pretty actionable stuff that I can apply directly to my business. I’m building my business in the sports/athletics niche, producing instructional content for athletes, and we hope to start going vertical by producing more and more complementary products within our niches. The other thing I really want to learn is how I can start delegating more, and doing less myself so I can leverage my time better.

    Great videos, thanks for posting them :)

  46. Luc Stokes says:

    So my biggest aha was Susan Hill’s “Passive vs Active” tactic. I mean we always hear about the passive stuff and really that’s the stuff that takes the least amount of thought to implement. But when Susan was talking about active strategies for growth it was like… DUH! I am in the sporting goods industry and there are a ton of trade organization, schools, camps, etc. that I’m sure all have lists… again duh, right?

    So here’s my vision for our company. We are fairly new to the industry we are in (3yrs) and have made an impact already but haven’t really even scratched the surface of the potential (it would take about 1000% growth to really be a player). What I want to do is with the growth that we experience over the course of the next 12-24 months I want to start opening camps in other countries to teach the youth in those countries skills that aren’t being taught there… Life skills, leadership, mentorship, relational, faith, etc. A lot of the countries I am referring to get financial aide but they aren’t taught the skills to deal with life.

    Where I grew up we had basketball camps called NBC camps that I went to. They taught us about vision, leadership, God, family, country, that sort of stuff. And I would like to replicate that style of camp overseas within my industry. The camps will be free for the local kids in that area so I will need some massive funding to make it happen. This will be a self funded project so I need my company to really boom this year and I think that your underground series could be a part of that.

    Thanks for continuing to have these seminars Yanik. I was at the very first Underground sem you put on in DC. I was blown away with it then. I haven’t been able to return but would love to have access to the recordings. Cheers man and I look forward to getting to know you better one day on a real level.


  47. Hi Yanik

    My goals have been quite solid so far with my current website stayfitbug.com. But before I go into what that is, let me answer your questions.

    1. The biggest Aha moment I got was after listening to Bedros Keuilian’s talk on making sales with his products and services. I already sell an ebook in the same niche, and when he talked about pushing the sale through each step of the process, it became clear what I needed to do to increase my direct sales. It’s been ‘ok’ up until now, but after hearing that, I know I can make the sales no.s GREAT!

    2. Now, the goal – My goal has been and always will be to develop products/ services that could be potentially big. A big part of what I’m building in the near future is based on the 1-2-3 offer subscription model, and done for you. That same knowledge from above has changed my vision of how I intend to apply these services to current and new customers and I know that it will make a big difference in the bottom line. Seriously, I made the new plans the moment I listened to that talk. I’m on schedule with the goals I’ve set, and this could not have been better timed!! I’m not entirely new to this internet business game, so I know a thing or two. But the learning never stops.

    My last words:

    Watch this space if I happen to be the winner of those underground recordings, because untamed animals that refused to be caged are known to cause havoc.

    Bugs Out!!

  48. Seth says:

    Yanik, thanks for the great videos, they’ve all been extremely helpful.

    I think the biggest “aha” moment for me was Bedros Keuilian talking about the multiple profit models he is using. I was blown away by what he’s doing the health & fitness industry, and how he is using internet marketing so effectively in this field. (Similar to my own.) Also, the web resources Andrew Locke spoke about will save me a huge amount of time, and money!

    The Underground Recordings will be a HUGE training and motivation tool for me as I grow my business. As a new internet marketer/entrepreneur, many times I feel like I’m in over my head, or lack the resources to succeed, especially when finances are tight. These recording will be just the training I need to learn the process, and the motivation to continue on when the going is tough.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  49. Mike Alves says:

    1. Bedros is a really bright guy who has gotten a lot of things “done”!
    2. Work towards done for you services, info products and community building in my niche fitness industry, that will allow me to have a health and lifestyle effect on populations as a whole, working from the leaders down to the followers, by writing all of the ideas on my giant dry erase board, then put them in order from highest return to lowest, connect the one’s that are related, set deadlines, work backwards to create my action plan, celebrate each step no matter how big or small and get off of here and start producing.

    Thank you Yanik,


  50. Pankaj says:

    i am pankaj,19 from India…
    its really awesome stuff….i want it…honestly can’t afford..bt people become big and successful after facing big challenges in life…
    I wanna become the next Yanik Silver of internet Marketing…Period

    • Tom says:

      AS was stated earlier I quote”Bedros is a really bright guy who has gotten a lot of things “done”! and more to come!
      2. I hope this will continue my education in this unique marketing area. Thanks for your offers, insight and brilliant copywriting!

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