Underground 6 DVDs For Free?

We have selected the contest winner!

Before announcing who the winner is, though, I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking entries. What a dynamic group of people you are! You don’t have to win a contest to be a “winner” — I’m sure there will be many of you who take the bull by the horns and APPLY the lessons you learn from the Underground presentations — changing your life and the lives of those around you!

If you didn’t win the recordings, don’t be discouraged, because we’re going to be offering them at a huge discount later this week — look for details on Wednesday.

Now, our winner is . . .

Kevin DaSilva!

As our winner, Kevin will receive the set of Underground 6 DVDs, Audio CDs and printed manuals, all shipped to him absolutely free. Congratulations Kevin!

(Kevin, we’ll be contacting you via email to get your shipping address . . .)

No video today, BUT I’m going to tell you how you can WIN the DVD recordings of the entire Underground® 6 seminar.

In fact, you’ll get 6 DVDs, 6 Audio CD (in case you want to listen in the car), and the same printed manuals that were given to all the attendees.

Here’s what I want you to do . . .

In the comments to this post (click this link), I want you to tell me two things:

First, I want you to tell me the biggest “Aha!” moment or takeaway you got from the excerpts I’ve been sharing with you this week, and tell me how you’re going to apply that in your business.

Second, would you please share the vision you have of what you will DO with the knowledge you get from your Underground recordings?

You’re going to have access to some incredibly powerful strategies and techniques — how will you maximize your return? How will you use this amazing knowledge to benefit not just yourself, but the people who are around you, and society as a whole?

I really want you to have a clear vision of WHAT you’re going to do with this new knowledge when you get it — because I know if you take the time to develop that vision, you’re much more likely to actually ACCOMPLISH something amazing!

My staff and I will review all the comments to this post (contest entries) and will select the winner early next week.

Go ahead and click this link to get started (you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page for the comment section).

I’m looking forward to your response!


P.S. In case you need to review the videos again, here are the links:

System for 6 Figures A Year

Growing Exponentially And Dominating Your Market

Underground Marketing Resources

57 Responses to “Underground 6 DVDs For Free?”

  1. Ana J. V. says:

    I just really want to thank Yanik, Bedros, Vishen and Andrew. I learned so much from these short vids.

    There were many “a-ha” moments, but when Bedros explained his 5%/95%, Dominate/Delegate principle, I was blown away. I’ve already started incorporating this principle into my daily life, along with the Maverick Multiplier worksheet that Yanik provided. I’m amazed how two simple ideas have helped me in being much more productive and less stressed.

    If I were to be so lucky and win the vids of the Underground Seminar, I would use the insider knowledge provided to help establish my business. I’m currently working on my business plan and website, and taking real action steps towards my goal of helping people with my business. From what I’ve seen so far, I know that these vids can help me maximize my potential. The knowledge that these vids will provide will help me reach the maximum number of people with my website, in a much shorter time than if I were to go it alone. I would also use the vids to help me guide the direction of my business, and to make sure that I’m focusing my energy where there is the potential of the greatest ROI without getting sidetracked by minutia, money or energy traps. In addition, I’ve started a meet-up of young ladies who have start-ups, and I will share this information with them in order to help them determine tipping points in their businesses (which Vishen discussed) in order to maximize their potential.

    It’s really awesome how these vids and this blog have proven motivational for a lot of people to work towards their goals of financial freedom and self-sufficiency. Thank you again for the help and guidance.

    All my best,

    ~ana j. v.

  2. Yoon Ho Um says:

    Hi Yanik,

    Biggest “Aha!” moment or takeaway: I don’t have to be the expert. I can go and interview these experts and sell their products for a 50% commission at the end of a teleseminar and then later on I can become their publisher and have my take increased to 80%! Wow.

    My Vision is to stop treating my online businesses as hobbies and start build REAL businesses!

    I am looking to stop making excuses to procrastinate by being able to KNOW exactly what to do at each step of growing my sites… to automate and systematize and to maximize my time and earned income.

    Learning from these experts who are teaching what they do that works and not just a bunch of theory will help me save time and money and worry about whether I can really expects results from following the same steps that they took versus questioning myself about whether the next newest/coolest “idea” would ever work.

    I would finally be able to show my family and friends that all these years of my trying to build my Internet Marketing related business haven’t been wasted… that I can have pride in having created products/services that are benefiting the markets I have entered.

    Also, I am a lone-wolf and would like to meet other people who understand what I am trying to do and can understand the struggles we all go through as Internet Entrepreneurs… having more than enough income to further my educations and meeting my peers at seminars like at next Underground Seminar

    I would use the income I have to invest in real estate. You need to diversify right? ; P

    I would love to support James & Betty Robison’s Life Outreach International where they drill wells so people can have life-giving CLEAN water and feed children world-wide.

    I would be supporting local sports teams and getting involved in my community. I am going to build a safe place for teenagers(mainly) where they can just hang-out, find help for homework/up-tests, have healthy snacks/food/drinks, and emotional help too! There will be an on duty nurse (maybe a weekly check-up with a doctor too) and police officer. There will be games and great music and an audio and video library where they can listen and watch and read about/from people who will encourage and help them with personal growth. I want these “kids” to know that they have value! And that they really can do GREAT & MIGHTY Exploits!

    I am going to use this income to find mentors for the other areas of my life that are nowhere near where they should be. I will have that 6 (or 8) pack instead of sporting my one-ab look and be physically healthy and strong.

    I have a younger sister who was born a “blue baby” and wasn’t supposed to live for more than a few years. Well… her 30th Birthday is coming up August 31st! I want to be able to provide her with full-time care. For when she needs to bathe and go to the washroom and people to take her to activities. I haven’t been able to provide more for her beyond doing the regular brotherly duties such as taking her to the washroom, feeding her, taking her out once in a while… I want her to have a great time going out and making lots of new friends!

    With my growing businesses, connections, community activities and growth in all areas of my life I will have destroyed the excuses that have stopped me from finding that woman who I will be ecstatic to call my wife! My Proverbs 31 Wife. For I will now be the husband that can be worthy of such a gift from God.

    Thanks Yanik and team!

    P.S. Congrats to the whoever ends up as the winner of this contest!

    P.P.S. This post has already helped me in starting to think more about what I want to do and to create a clear vision of how I’m going to bless those around me.

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